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How to Protect and Clean Interior Limestone

Protecting and Cleaning Your Home’s Limestone

Limestone is a material that comes with many benefits, and one of them is its ease of maintenance. This waterproof and heat-resistant material makes for great kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, flooring, fireplaces, door surrounds, stairs, and much more. If you already own limestone, read on to find out the best way to clean it!

Cleaning Preparation

The first step to cleaning your limestone is removing any surface-level dirt unrelated to the stone, so that you can properly wash it. No point in just spreading around dirt, dust, and debris! Use a broom or dust mop to clean up dirt, and avoid any cleaning devices with hard or scratchy surfaces, like vacuums. This protects the limestone, which is a naturally soft stone.

Limestone Cleaning Process

Done with dry cleaning? Great! Here’s how to clean your stone with wet cleaning.

Mild Cleaner

In a large bucket, mix warm water with mild soap or stone-specific cleaner. Stone-specific is best, and avoids acidic or harsh chemicals often added to other cleaners. Especially citrus-scented or based cleaners shouldn’t be used on limestone’s soft surface.

Soft Mop

Use a soft mop to move the cleaning solution around and wash any limestone surfaces. For smaller surfaces or those where a mop isn’t helpful, use a soft microfiber cloth.

Rinse Well

Rinse the surface well with plain water free of any cleaner. Once rinsed, dry the surface using a non-abrasive item, like a bath towel. Make sure not to leave any water pooled on the floor!

Stain Removal

Come across a stain while cleaning? Fret not. Take your cleaning mixture from before, and gently scrub it against the floor with a toothbrush in circular motions. For tougher stains, you can combine hydrogen peroxide and flour. Taking a little under a cup of flour, add hydrogen peroxide until it forms a paste-like substance. Apply it to the stain, and keep it there for up to two days. Once it’s dry, it can be gently removed using a soft-edged scraper.

Preventative Limestone Care

If you’ve treated your limestone for spill stains before, you most likely know that the best way to treat stains is to never have them in the first place! Impression recommends resealing your stone regularly, either professionally or non-professionally. For high traffic areas, your stone may benefit from a rug. Runners are especially helpful at entryways. Keep protective pads on the legs of your furniture to keep them from scratching. Lastly, keep things as clean as possible! When spills happen, wipe them up as soon as possible.

If you’re ready to get started on your next home renovation project or add a custom Impression piece to your home, contact us today! Our limestone services are streamlined for a simple, effective process. Once you call, we’ll get started discussing your dream project. We offer more than just limestone, featuring elegant marble and reclaimed European terracotta as well. A visit to our showroom will help pick out the stone you want, and from there, your project is started!

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