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Home Remodeling Season Is Here

Home Remodeling: Avoiding Peak Season

There’s a ton that goes into planning your home remodel. Even with all the details of your dream home picked out, one question still remains: when should you have construction done? Picking the right season for your house’s renovation includes weighing when there are deals on different products, when contractors and workers are most busy, and how overall construction price is affected by those things. Considering a renovation or remodeling project? Let Impression lend a hand, and explore the pros and cons of construction in each season.

Pros and Cons of Each Season

We at Impression are located in Southern California, and lucky enough to experience year-round sunshine with little variation. However, there are many places that have seasons, which can complicate home remodeling. 


One of the biggest pros to remodeling in the wintertime is the deals. Because the demand for contractors slows with cold weather and the presence of the holidays, you may be able to land better discounts on projects during this time. The alternate side of this is that work slows for a reason – harsh weather. In many parts of the country, snow, sleet, rain, hail, and brutal cold are commonplace during this time of year. Unfortunately, elements can get in the way of major remodels, especially exterior ones. 


Spring is the prime time for remodeling. The weather is good, young children are still in school, and college-aged students are available for smaller projects when universities let out in May. For things like decks, pools, patios, and enclosed outdoor rooms, spring offers softer soil to dig into for ease of construction. The downside to spring remodels is the heightened demand. Many homeowners opt for spring renovations to ensure everything is completed for the summertime, hoping to enjoy outdoor spaces during the coming months. Because of this, prices for both materials and labor can be pricier during the spring. Additionally, it’s wise to book any contractors far ahead of time, because they may not accept any new projects if it gets too busy.


Summertime is great for indoor projects and, surprisingly enough, roofing. Smaller indoor renovation projects are nice during this time of year because being inside offers protection from the sweltering heat and sun. The reason for roofing project popularity is because of the nature of roofing materials, which need certain high temperatures to seal. For smaller projects, summer offers families the ability to take vacations or stay elsewhere while construction takes place. There aren’t too many downsides to remodeling during summer, though the demand is higher, much like spring. Additionally, you do run the slim chance of exterior projects being put on hold if the heat poses safety dilemmas for workers. 


Contractor work is busiest in spring and summer, which means that contractors are eager for work starting late summer to early fall. This can be a great time for landscaping and renovations, especially if you’re searching for a deal. Autumn is also when retailers begin putting appliances on sale in preparation for next year’s new models, making it the perfect opportunity for replacing kitchen and bath products. 

Impression Is Available Any Season

Impression knows that quality comes first, and our mission of offering the best in artistic craftsmanship doesn’t change with the seasons. For us, whenever you’re ready for a renovation is the best time! We use rigorous quality assurance to ensure only the highest quality stone is used for your masterpiece. With materials directly imported from Europe and decades of experience, our family business is sure to provide the wide variety and intricate designs you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started on your new custom home feature!

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