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Achieving a Farmhouse-Style House with Stone

Combining Farmhouse-Style Designs With Stone

Farmhouse-style is extremely popular, having reigned many aspects of interior and exterior design for several years now. It’s at the intersection of decor that is rustic yet warm, and vintage yet cute. Bringing the barn inside? More chic than it sounds.

Sleek and Simple Countertops

Marble and limestone countertops are one of the best options for a farmhouse look. Because a mix of textures is essential to capturing the ranch-like aesthetic, countertops are a great place to pull in stone (which often can’t form other pieces of functional furniture). Choose something neutral with subtle character, like grey or white marble. For a more slate-like look, limestone’s more intricate detail adds depth without the large-scale motifs of marble.

Tiled or Stone Backsplashes

There’s a lot of flexibility in choosing a farmhouse backsplash. Many opt for tiled backsplashes, while some homes carry the countertop stone to the backsplash. Which to choose is totally a matter of preference. For homes with a super bold stone countertop, like white marble with dark grey veining (streaks), simple tile backsplashes keep the room from being overwhelming. Subway tile is great in this instance! For simple stone counters, add fun tiles or design to the backsplash. For the few farmhouse homes that don’t have white cabinets, keeping a moderately busy, white marble on both the countertops and backsplash helps add drama and cohesivity to the room.

Stone Walls

Farmhouse style’s warmth is often well-represented by stone walls. This traditional color scheme includes neutrals and tans, making limestone and marble accent walls a modern and elegant take on the style. Interior feature walls can create an accent piece that stretches from floor to ceiling, which can be especially dramatic when paired with elevated ceilings or a unique fireplace. Of course, these walls aren’t limited to living rooms. They can be placed in foyers and hallways for a dramatic entrance, or in bathrooms for a more spa-like aesthetic.

Stone Flooring

Similar to stone walls, stone flooring can bring all the rustic charm you’re looking for. Clean lines are an integral part of farmhouse decor, and that simple characteristic often begins with floors! Keeping things clean and functional is of utmost importance in a rustic home

White Fireplaces

Every home with a good farmhouse-vibe calls for a fireplace! With a color palette that brings warmth, it only makes sense to quite literally bring warmth. Gas fireplaces have taken over in recent years, but wood-burning fireplaces were a staple for these rustic homes. More classic designs are typical in farmhouse-style homes, with large aprons and a wooden mantel. For a true commitment to aesthetics, a white overmantel with white stone fireplace is perfect.

Indoor Patios

Growing in popularity currently are enclosed patios. Some of these relaxing nooks opt for windows that line the walls, while others have screens for airflow. Adding a stone floor to your patio adds an outdoorsy feel, and also makes cleaning far easier when dirt gets tracked in from the yard!

Why Choose Farmhouse Stone from Impression?

Impression offers a wide range of designs, able to fit any aesthetic. Because farmhouse decor incorporates multiple textures, broad yet neutral color palettes, and natural aesthetics, Impression’s variety of custom home features in granite, marble, and limestone are ideal for crafting your dream farmhouse-style house. Our hand-crafted pieces are made to last, and will give you and your family a beautiful home for generations to come.

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