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Easy Kitchen Upgrades

Easy Kitchen Upgrades for Your Home

Achieving your dream kitchen doesn’t have to require a stressful overhaul. Instead of going full-renovation, consider which parts of your kitchen could use a facelift, and then turn that into an easy upgrade! Renovating and redesigning this way takes the stress out of large projects, is budget-friendly, and can help create your ideal kitchen space over time.

Give Your Cabinets a Facelift

Cabinets are the main feature of your kitchen. They act both as an attention-grabbing focal point in many instances, as well as the background for the rest of your stand-out kitchen.

Add an Island

If your kitchen is naturally calling for something to take up some empty space, it’s time to add an island! Islands are equal parts functional and fashionable. They instantly upgrade a space to be more elaborate, and you can opt to add appliances, extra storage, or seating. Don’t let anyone tell you that your island has to be overly complicated either! Islands come in more varieties than just stone countertops, and repurposing vintage furniture can just as easily act as a kitchen centerpiece.

Revamp the Exterior

Cabinets offer a lot of avenues for redecoration. It’s always fun to change up the color of your cabinets with paint, and you can even add a pop of color with brighter paints if you desire. If your cabinets are wood, staining them with a new finish can completely alter the aesthetics of your kitchen. If your cabinets are generally outdated, consider repairing or replacing them with new ones to upgrade your home.

Swap Out Hardware

Changing out the handles and knobs on your cabinets, while a minor change, can have a huge impact. Decide between metallic options, like gold, bronze, and silver, to match appliances or lighting fixtures. Opt for geometric shapes to modernize your space, or go matte for added subtlety. Swapping out the hardware on your cabinets is the most cost-effective option, with a lower price tag than most other alterations.

Refresh Your Backsplash

Changing up your backsplash is a relatively simple way to amplify your kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes can act either as statement pieces or as a feature that brings cohesivity into the room. If it feels like your backsplash currently stands out, opt for a more neutral and calm replacement. If your kitchen needs more character, go for tiles with color, texture, or intricate patterns.

Modernize Your Flooring

Much like a backsplash, flooring can play as big of a role as you need it to. Interior design’s quick progression in recent years means that outdated flooring is easy to spot and a turn-off for home buyers. Update flooring to a more modern material, and consider choosing a style that is more bold if your kitchen needs personality.

Impression Improves Kitchens

When it comes to making your dream home a reality, Impression is always ready to help. We’ve helped create entirely-custom kitchen features. Our artisans take pride in crafting each piece by hand, designed to be something you and your family will love for generations to come. Impression’s expertise doesn’t end with the above listed renovations; we provide fireplaces, door surrounds, fountains, columns, sinks, kitchen hoods, countertops, stairs, roofing, walls, and more!

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