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Creating an Outdoor Fireplace Space With Limestone

Designing an Outdoor Limestone Fireplace

As we enter spring and the weather gets nicer, the desire to get outside is met with many remodels. Homeowners often seek new outdoor spaces around this time of year, and Impression knows that outdoor limestone fireplaces and accompanying patios are the best way to embrace the warmer seasons.

Factors to Consider

Each outdoor space has its own set of considerations, and it’s essential to craft a personalized design and layout that best fits you and your household.

Creating a Focal Point

Much like the way kitchen hoods can define a focal point for a kitchen or indoor fireplaces define a focal point for a living room, an outdoor fireplace should create a central location that the eye is naturally drawn towards. Focal points define a clear space for guests to gather. Dramatic focal points can be easily achieved by large fireplaces with sizable overmantels. While intricate details are helpful in smaller spaces, try to keep things simpler outside; the overall silhouette will draw enough attention.

Defining a Space

Defining the space around your fireplace is just as important as making it a focal point. Impression does custom home pieces beyond fireplaces, and our outdoor patio flooring and stone tiling can help create a clear spot for hanging out. Make sure your space feels warm and welcoming. Outdoor furniture, like couches and benches, around the fireplace ensure that friends and family can enjoy the space in comfort.

Adding Square Footage

A common misconception among homeowners is that outdoor spaces are entirely outdoors. The reality is quite the opposite. Using your fireplace as a structural piece along a pony wall or covering the space with roofing ultimately add square footage to your home. By covering the fireplace area, your patio can be used rain or shine. Making it feel more like an indoor space with additional furniture (under the protection of a rooftop covering) will let the space be more friendly and functional on a daily basis.

Deciding Materials

Outdoor spaces fit every home and aesthetic, and there are many options for materials when designing your dream space. Stone pavers or tiling are most common for flooring, because they’re stunningly beautiful without being difficult to clean. Stone holds up well against dirt, water, and more when properly sealed and cared for. Limestone is our favorite for outdoor fireplaces, because its smooth and simple appearance with sharp lines allow foliage and landscaping to shine.

Why Limestone?

Impression knows that choosing the right stone, and the right limestone, are important to your project. We’re happy to provide numerous options, tailored to your design, taste, and budget. No matter which you choose, limestone is a good option – and here’s some reasons why.

Natural Elegance

The natural elegance of limestone is unmatched, and offers beauty that stands a multitude of weather conditions. When used outdoors, limestone retains its visually-pleasing facade for years to come.

Property Value

Because this stone is so long-lasting, it adds property and resale value to your home, making it a great investment. While any outdoor space is a plus, stone fireplaces and surrounding patio areas are especially beneficial.

Indoor/Outdoor Appeal

Limestone is the ideal stone material for transitioning from an indoor living space to an outdoor one. Its neutral tone and texture give the perfect medium between more refined, indoor living spaces and your backyard, which is naturally rugged.

Redefine Your Outdoor Space with Impression

Impression loves how much an outdoor fireplace and seating area can enhance a home. With your new outdoor renovation, you’ll be able to enjoy cozy nights by the fire, enjoy s’mores and cookouts, and take advantage of all the nice weather. Choosing a natural stone for your outdoor limestone fireplace elevates the feeling of closeness and connection to nature, which is essential in an outdoor space. Impression offers a wide variety of limestone slabs in every color and finish, as well as marble and terracotta options.

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