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Showcasing Marble Stone and Its Benefits

The Benefits of Using Marble Stone for Your Home Project

Impression works closely with a few natural stone options, and one of our favorites is marble. Available in nearly every color and finish, marble is a beautiful material that elevates your home both visually and economically. Read on to see why we love it!

Standout Features of Marble Stone

Marble is notorious for being an elegant and stunning option. Here are our top reasons for loving this trendy stone as a design material.

Diversity of Marble

Marble offers both diversity and versatility. It comes in a wide variety of colors, which allows marble to fit any design aesthetic or style. While white with beige, grey, and brown undertones are most common, marble also comes in peach, black, green, deep tan, red, violet, and gold. You’ll find it to be solid, speckled, swirled, streaked, and fine grained. Not only does marble come in a rainbow of hues, but it can be used anywhere in and around your home. Marble is commonly utilized in kitchens, bathrooms, stairways, living room fireplaces and mantels, and as flooring, tile, and exterior home features. One huge benefit to such versatility in construction is that you can carry the same marble throughout your home with ease. Doing so adds cohesiveness and flow, and will make guests feel as though they’ve stepped into an elegant and fashionable home.

Marble Stone’s Durability

Some natural stone is more likely to crack or deteriorate, but not the stone materials Impression uses! Our marble is known for its resistance to shattering, cracks, and breakage. It doesn’t age easily, and with proper care, can last lifetimes despite its inherent softness. Marble is not usually processed, and it is stronger because of its all-natural composition. It takes hundreds of years for marble to form, which means it takes even longer for it to break down! Marble is also fire resistant, and therefore perfect for kitchen counters, backsplashes, kitchen hoods, and fireplace features. Being so strong, this beautiful natural stone is ideal for any home remodeling project, and is a favorite among all of our Impression customers for their custom home designs.

Ease of Caring for Marble

Caring for marble must be done properly, but that doesn’t make caring for it a difficult endeavor. Washing your marble will require a gentle cleaner that falls at a neutral pH level. Spills, especially those with high acidity or extreme basicity, should be wiped up immediately as they occur. Don’t allow anything wet to sit on your counter for long, like damp dishes or glasses. From time to time, your marble will need to be resealed to ensure water still beads on the surface as opposed to seeping into the stone. Lastly, pot holders and trivets should always be used with warm or hot dishes to keep the countertop from burning or scorching. These rules may sound tedious when listed out, but this is care that should be taken with any countertops! When cared for properly, marble is sure to last your family generations.

Impression Loves Marble Home Features

Impression adores marble for its classic appearance. We know this revered stone is highly sought after, and providing top-tier marble is our passion. Each slab of our marble is quarried and imported from either France or Italy, and then hand-carved by our expert artisans for a perfect natural stone home feature. If you’re ready to add marble or another durable natural stone like limestone to your home, give us a call at Impression today!

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