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Can Marble Withstand High Heat?

Marble Stone’s Ability to Withstand High Heat

Marble stone is an incredible natural stone material that comes with many benefits, but none of them quite top its resistance to high heat. Marble is the perfect stone for a number of situations and rooms in your home due to its durability, especially with respect to heat. Ready to install a new fireplace or countertops? Look no further than marble from Impression! Let’s take a look at how marble is formed, why its heat-resistant properties matter, and how Impression can make your marble home feature dreams come true.

How Marble Is Formed With Heat

Marble is so resistant to heat because of how it is formed! Marble stone is made deep within the earth, out of volcanic and igneous activity. Prior to crystallization, or the cooling process that gives marble stone its signature crystal appearance, magmatic processes underground or within volcanic centers burn at over 1,000 degrees celsius. It’s at that temperature that minerals are in a liquid state, all of which later solidify into the stones we use in our homes. Marble actually begins as limestone, and is mixed with other materials and minerals at these extremely high temperatures. Until combined with other available minerals in this state, marble is just limestone, another natural stone. After mixing and cooling though, it becomes marble! Because it’s formed in this manner, it’s capable of being heated to quite high temperatures without any damage.

Putting High Temperatures Into Perspective

When marble is made between 600 and 1,200 degrees Celsius, you may wonder, is this heat even achievable in my home? It may be more common than you think! Lit cigarettes burn at 700 degrees, and some pizza ovens generate 700 degrees internally as well. While your pizza dough may only hit about 400 degrees, any metal serving platters may go much higher. 

Why Heat-Resistant Stone Matters

Kitchens are for cooking, and cooking can easily turn the temperature up! In situations like these, marble countertops and home features can be essential for preserving the longevity of your home. While less strong materials can be easily deteriorated by high temperatures, marble countertops prove resistant.

In the bathroom, heating tools are commonplace. There are many people who use things like straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers on a daily basis. These heated tools aren’t things you’ll want resting on just any countertop, as the high temperatures can scorch and burn them. 

Moreover, stones like marble that are inherently durable against heat also tend to be resistant to other forms of damage. Marble is really good at resisting water damage and high pressures, as well. This makes it the ideal material to use not just for more decorative features, like fireplaces and countertops, but also for load-bearing structures like columns and flooring.

Install Heat-Resistant Marble in Your Home

At Impression, we understand that stone that will last a lifetime is important, which is why we only provide the best natural stone materials available. Our marble is highly resistant to any and all lifestyles, capable of lasting a lifetime in any home. Our artisans put their craft first, and we know how to design unique marble pieces that are equally durable and beautiful. Contact us today to get started on marble pieces like fireplaces, flooring, door surrounds, columns, sinks, kitchen hoods, countertops, and more!

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