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Avoiding Limestone Flooring Issues

No One Wants Problems With Limestone Flooring

There are a number of reasons why you decided to get limestone flooring for your home. For one, it’s beautiful, and looks nice and natural. It’s also highly durable so you don’t have to worry about much happening to it. However, things can come up, even with your durable floor. There are certain problems you might come across with limestone flooring, but there are also ways to avoid those problems.

Problem 1: Weather

Limestone is a natural rock that is prone to weathering under chemicals or even water, if not properly sealed. You will see weathering occur especially in limestone walls that are outside. You can protect your limestone walls by putting a shelter of some kind over them, like a porch. They can also be restored if the weathering takes place and you want them to go back to looking as good as new.

Problem 2: Erosion

Erosion can occur to the limestone flooring you place outside because of weathering. If you don’t prevent weathering, erosion can occur. Stone reacts to water and while it will take time, erosion can occur. You can prevent erosion by planting things around the limestone tiles outside or you can restore it when it occurs and replace the tiles that have eroded away.

Problem 3: Staining

This issue can happen inside or outside of a home. Staining occurs when the limestone is discolored in some way or another. Whether you spill something inside and don’t’ clean it up or leaves and other items have laid on the stones outside for too long, stains can happen. You can prevent stains by keeping the limestone flooring as clean as possible. Sweep debris off it inside and outside and use cleaning agents that work well with the material. You don’t have to deal with stains if you address the issues soon enough. Don’t let harmful items sit around on the limestone.

Problem 4: Crumbling

Limestone is a brittle rock that can break down and dissolve over time. External factors can cause the stone to crumble, like if it isn’t properly sealed and is then overused. You will want to prevent sealants from wearing away completely by paying attention to maintenance so you can address resealing before it becomes a problem for the flooring.

The Beauty Of Limestone Flooring

Limestone flooring is highly beautiful, versatile, and useful, but only if you are able to keep these problems at bay. Many homeowners enjoy their limestone floors for decades without having any issues at all. But keep an eye on the flooring so you don’t have an issue sneaking up on you in the future. You want to be able to keep the floors in good condition since they are a part of your investment into your home. If you have questions about limestone flooring problems, or you want to install one in another part of your house, contact Impression to talk to true professionals about the material and everything it can do for your home.