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Limestone Pattern Details You Need to Know

Getting Ideas On Patterns From A Limestone Company

Limestone tiles are lovely and can be placed in a number of different areas within a home. Even if you have had limestone before, you probably don’t know everything about it. That’s where a limestone company can come in and fill in the blanks for you. There are a variety of finishes, patterns, colors, and other options. Here are a few to consider before you make a final choice.

Limestone Finishes

Limestone is a beautiful material that comes in a variety of different finishes. Choose based on your preferences and what would fit into your home best.

Polished Limestone

Polished limestone is filed away to reduce the natural pores on the material so it is more flat. The tiles are then polished and shiny. They are more slippery this way, but are still often used as floors and walls.

Honed Limestone

The polishing on this type is lighter and the finish is more natural. This type looks more like a matte finish and has easy maintenance and a soothing look and feel. It isn’t slippery and is a lot safer for the floor.

Tumbled Limestone

This type rounds the corners and edges slightly to give it a vintage, old look. This is a great compliment in design for new kitchens. It works well for those who want a modern style with an older look.

Brushed Limestone

This simple, subtle style is brushed with a wire brush and left completely matte. This style is most often used outside.

Tile Patterns

Limestone tiles can be installed in a variety of patterns depending on their placement and your style preferences. Here are a few options:

Regular Patterns

The regular pattern is the most common and includes popular colors like creams, grays, and other neutral tones. The uniform look makes the rooms look larger.

Spiral Patterns

Spiral patterns are used in modern homes to give it a trendy look or to add a design boost. This makes the room look more lively.

Herringbone Pattern

This pattern is most often used on walls and gives a modern style to the space. With compliments through cabinetry, it works great in kitchens.

French Pattern

This pattern will give the home a countryside look and can be used on flooring or even on the exterior of the home. The finish depends on the aesthetic the homeowner wants.

Antique Pattern

You will see this pattern in rustic homes as it gives off a soothing, comforting, old-world style and feel.

Getting Limestone Company Design Ideas

If you want to know what’s right for your home and you’re undecided, it’s best to ask a limestone company for advice and go from there. Limestone companies have people who work with the materials in all different finishes and patterns on a regular basis. They have seen instances like yours before and know what to recommend. Call Impression for advice on how to move forward with your project and get the limestone you want, where you want it, and in the right finish and pattern.