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Why Marble Is Great for Countertops

Why Marble Makes for Great Countertops

There are many great options for countertops, and marble is among one of the best. This stone has grown in popularity in recent years, both for its looks and its strength. Have you been considering marble for your home’s new countertops? It’s a great option, and for many reasons! Read on to see why marble countertops are such a phenomenal home renovation choice, and also check out some of the ways marble countertops can pose a challenge. 

Marble Countertops’ Beauty

Marble is a mix of simplicity and elegance, bringing beauty to any home. Marble often appears polished, gleaming in sunlight and giving rooms a modern feel. Often, marble is monochromatic, and can be paired with any metal or chrome for an even more stunning look. As a natural stone, marble comes in so many different design options, and therefore has a multifaceted aesthetic ability to match every house’s individual vibe. It is trendy, but in a way that ensures long-lasting style. Because of this incredible beauty, marble countertops, as well as marble in any other format, tend to raise the worth and resale value of your home.

Marble Countertops’ Durability

Marble countertops are one of the most durable stone options available. Formed under immense heat, marble is capable of standing up to hot pots, pans, and trays with ease. Not only will marble hold up against heat, but it also withstands pressure application and is water resistant. Marble countertops, when sealed properly and regularly, will stand the test of time and be a stunning piece within your home for generations to come.

The Downsides to Marble Countertops

There are some downsides to using marble as a countertop option, but none of them are serious enough to count marble countertops out from your home. If anything, marble countertops just require a little extra TLC to keep them looking pristine!

For one, marble is porous – more so than man-made alternatives like quartz. However, this porosity can be easily outweighed by a top-tier sealant. It’s absolutely vital to seal marble, especially marble pieces that come in lighter colors. Foods like tomato sauce, oil, coffee, and wine can leave quite a lasting impression if left on unsealed counters, if only for a moment.

Second, marble is on the softer side. This leaves it vulnerable to scratches, chips, and etches. However, these scratches and such aren’t so noticeable over time, instead forming a “lived-in” feel. Additionally, most scratches can be softened and repaired with ease!

Lastly, marble is more expensive than its non-stone counterparts, like laminate or tile. Conversely though, it is less expensive than many other stone options, whether that be man-made or natural. Working with the Impression team will allow you to tour our showroom of marble options to find the ideal color and pattern to fit your budget.

Choose Marble Countertops from Impression

Impression knows that picking the right countertop material is important, and concerns both aesthetics and functionality. Our artisans are skilled in French hand-crafting methods, and can put together any countertop style with marble. This includes any shape and even islands, and our team will accommodate your entire kitchen or bathroom! Learn more about our custom home project process on our website, or contact us today to get started on your own.

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