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Why Choose Natural Stone Floors for Your Home

Why You Should Choose Natural Stone Floors

At Impression, we offer natural stone floors made of limestone and marble – which are incredibly beautiful natural stones – plus reclaimed terracotta, which is made from natural clay! Natural stone is the perfect material for many home renovation projects, and we at Impression love nothing more than implementing natural stone solutions in our clients’ homes. This includes natural stone flooring, whether it be indoor or outdoor. Natural stone offers benefits that other building materials simply can’t compare to, and today we’ll be discussing some of them! Read on to see why natural stone floors are a worthwhile investment for your house.

Natural Stone Floors Are Affordable

A common misconception is that natural stone flooring is expensive. While this can be the case depending on which material you choose, most natural stone flooring options are extremely reasonable in price. They offer beauty and durability without going over-budget, hence their popularity among homeowners everywhere. Part of the reason why stone flooring is so affordable is because of its durability. When flooring lasts a long time, it stands up against damage and doesn’t need to be replaced – saving you the money that would otherwise be required for a secondary renovation down the line. 

Natural Stone Floors Add Home Value

When you choose natural stone flooring, you’re choosing to invest in your home. These building materials are more than beautiful; they’re valuable. When homeowners are viewing potential houses, they’re likely to look for natural stone in its many forms. While kitchen countertops are one of the most common places for natural stone to be, flooring is an equally great way to incorporate stone. Natural stone, especially as flooring, adds a unique elegance, feeling nearly royal depending on your stone choice and placement. Generally speaking, adding natural stone to your home in any capacity is likely to raise its inherent value and resale price if and when you finally do decide to sell.

Natural Stone Floors Are Durable

One of the biggest things that stone flooring is known for is its durability and longevity. Most natural stone is formed through forceful natural processes, which means they can withstand a lot of wear-and-tear before they experience any damage. Even when scuffed or worn, natural stone’s surface-level scratches don’t affect its underlying strength nor structural integrity. Unlike other flooring options, stone floors aren’t slippery either, which is why so many homeowners with children and/or pets prefer them.

Natural Stone Floors Are Easy to Maintain

Unlike wood options, stone flooring does not require constant and tedious upkeep like waxing and buffing. Natural stone floors require regular cleaning and occasional resealing, but nothing that can’t be done with normal cleaning materials and a specialty soap for your specific flooring material. With proper care, stone floors are actually so easy to maintain that they’ll last a lifetime, if not longer.

Add Stone Flooring With Impression

No matter your design style, we’ve got the stone for you! Choose from Impression’s selection of limestone, marble, and reclaimed terracotta options. Many of our stones come in different color variations, so you can match your stone flooring to the rest of your home with ease. Impression puts the quality of your stone home features first. We use only the best quarries available, and source our stones from across the globe. Check out the custom home projects we create on our website now, or contact us today to get started on the natural stone flooring of your dreams!

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