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How to Determine if Granite, Marble or Limestone Flooring is Right For You

Do You Want Marble Flooring? Or Is Granite Or Limestone Better?

When you are deciding on a new flooring material, it can be overwhelming because there are so many different options to choose from. In order to make the best decision for your home, you need to have all of the information. Perhaps you have narrowed the options down to include limestone, granite, or marble flooring, but you aren’t sure which direction to take from there. Here are more details on each so you can figure out what is best for your home.

Marble Flooring

Marble is a timeless, classic material that has been around for centuries. It has brought beauty and stability, as well as durability, to ancient structures and it is used in modern structures and homes today as well. With delicate veins and beautiful color options, marble is a material that will never go out of style. It can bring elegance to any space and no two pieces of marble are the same, so it has a sense of uniqueness to it. Homeowners must ensure it is properly sealed and resealed when necessary so it does not become stained or scratched as it gets used over the years. 

Granite Flooring

Granite is even more durable than marble and resists stains, but it is also an exquisite material that brings a lot of beauty to a home. This material is low maintenance and comes in a variety of patterns and colors so anyone can find something that they will fall in love with. Granite flooring, like marble, can add value to a home since buyers know it is a valuable material and they are willing to pay more to have a home that includes it.

Limestone Flooring

Limestone comes in a variety of textures and colors depending on where it comes from. It can be used as flooring, but does need resealing and care as time goes by. The wear on the stone over time can actually add character and make the natural look even more appealing. Since it is a soft, porous stone, it can feel warmer and softer under bare feet in a home. Limestone comes in natural colors and stands out as something that brings a natural feel into a home. 

Which Choices Is Right For You?

There are a number of things you will want to examine as you look into the options for your home’s flooring. First, think about your budget. There are variations in cost with any material, but in general, some are more expensive than others. If your budget is on the limited side and you like all three materials, you may choose one just because of the price difference. Consider the style of the materials as well. Marble comes in limitless colors while limestone is softer and has more natural appearances. Maintenance is also important, so if you want to have less flooring upkeep over the years, perhaps granite is right for you. All of the materials will add value to your home and give you a good return on your investment. In the end, it often comes down to personal preference and what you like the most. The professionals at Impression can help you figure out what will work best for your home.