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What Is the Best Way to Clean Marble?

The Best Way to Keep Marble Clean

Installing marble in your home can be an exciting adventure, and for many homeowners, is what they’ve dreamed of for quite some time! Once you have marble countertops, floors, or other custom home features like those that Impression creates though, how do you keep them in perfect condition? Many homeowners quickly realize that caring for marble on a daily basis is actually quite simple, and Impression can help provide the information and tools necessary to do so. Read on to learn basic tips on how to keep your marble in tip-top shape!

Daily Maintenance

Marble is a material you’ll want to clean and maintain regularly. If and when you spill anything, work quickly to get it mopped up. Warm, soapy water will typically get the job done, but you can also choose to use marble-specific cleaners as well. You’ll want a cleaner that is free of acidic materials, including those with citrus scents or vinegar bases. For marble that is on the floor, start by dry cleaning the surface with a vacuum (spinning brushes turned off or removed) or a soft-bristled broom. Then mop with warm water mixed with marble-specific cleaner, rinse with minimal water, and allow to dry! With any marble surface, be sure to dry it thoroughly and avoid any standing water, as this can cause additional staining.

Removing Stains and Scratches

Deep scratches can, unfortunately, only be fixed by a professional. However, small etches like those often found on countertops can be gently buffed out at home by anyone! Damages like scratches, nicks, and water spots or rings can be treated by gently rubbing the surface with #0000 steel wool. 

For stains, you’ll need to concoct a mixture at home. Create a cleaning solution made of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia. This will take care of most normal food stains. For things that are oil-based, like accidentally spilling dark salad dressing, opt for a liquid cleaner that contains normal household detergent or acetone. Of course, stains should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. The longer a stain sits, the more likely it is to remain in your marble for the rest of its lifetime. 

Regular Sealing

As a homeowner with marble, you’ll want to keep marble sealant on hand to be used every few months. While sealants don’t fully prevent the presence of stains, they can buy you more time to clean them up – especially helpful for those big parties or family affairs where something is spilled without your knowledge! Your individual team members at Impression can help you determine which types of cleaners and sealants are best for your marble specifically. The main thing to note is that a food-safe sealant should be used on kitchen surfaces!

Also in the realm of prevention are the tools and household items that help put a barrier between you and your marble. Have door mats and hallway runners for floor marble, and coasters for any marble countertops! Prevention of stains is far more effective than treatment of them.

Impression Supplies Beautiful Marble and More

Impression provides classic and revered marble, sourced from quarries found in France and Italy due to their top-tier quality. Our showroom has a huge variety and selection of different colored marbles, along with various textures, styles, and patterns. Our experts will guide you through the marble selection process, finding the perfect marble match for your unique project. Our team of artisans will then hand-craft and carve your selection to your lifestyle, aesthetic, and preferences, creating a one-of-a-kind custom home feature that you and your family will love for generations to come. Learn more about our stone options in the rest of our Limestone Learning Center, or contact us now to get started on your design!

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