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What Not to Use to Clean Marble

What Not to Use to Clean Marble

There is nothing that replaces the elegance of marble. This natural stone will make a statement as a countertop, fireplace, floor, or backsplash — there are so many exquisite marble options for your home. But just like any other surface in your house, it will get dirty. Before you reach for your favorite go-to cleaner, you’ll need to consider the delicate complexities of marble. Because of its smooth, porous surface, it’s prone to staining and scratching. Abstain from using the following cleaners and tools in order to keep your marble shining:

Stay Away From Household Cleaners

Contrary to common belief, household cleaners are not one-size-fits-all. And it doesn’t matter if it’s generic or brand-name. Countertop disinfectants, glass cleaners, bleach, and multi-purpose sprays are all poor choices for cleansing marble. Most commercial cleaners lead to corrosion and etching on the marble. The acids and other chemicals in the ingredients will wear away at the sealant, leaving your marble vulnerable to damage. 

Avoid Natural Cleaners

Vinegar and citrus oils may sound safe. They’re natural and good for you and the environment, why wouldn’t they be good for marble, as well? For the same reason, household cleaners are damaging to marble: acid. Acid is the enemy of many natural stones, leading to corrosion and permanent staining.

Don’t Use Tile Cleaner

The powders and cream cleaners you use to clean your bathroom tile and grout may seem like a good idea. However, these “gentle” products usually contain tiny abrasives that can dull your marble and leave behind small scratches. Some of them also include bleach, another no-go cleaner for marble tiles.

Refrain From Using Abrasive Pads

Check your mop, cloth, or sponge before you start scrubbing away at your marble countertops or tiles. If it has a rough surface, it can scratch and damage the marble’s surface. This goes for vacuums, as well. If your vacuum uses brush rolls and other abrasive structures, it won’t be a safe or effective choice for your marble floors.

Impression Knows What Not to Use to Clean Marble

The natural stone experts at Impression understand the delicate nature of marble. In order to properly clean and maintain your marble countertops, tiles, and flooring, we recommend wiping spills immediately and resealing them every few months. For everyday cleaning, use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth or a marble-specific cleaning solution. Once you understand these simple cleaning techniques, taking care of your marble will be easy. For any other questions about marble, limestone, or terracotta, don’t hesitate to contact us today.