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How to Clean Limestone Floors

How to Clean Limestone Floors

Limestone is a sedimentary rock made from calcium carbonate. While it is forming, impurities come in contact with it, resulting in a wide range of colors and variations. Because of its durability and versatility, limestone makes a strong and stunning choice for home flooring. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect limestone option for your floor.

It’s not uncommon to see centuries-old limestone flooring across Europe and other parts of the world. We know it’s long-lasting. So if you properly maintain your limestone flooring, it just might outlive you. There’s no doubt that limestone flooring is beautiful; you can keep it that way by following this guide to clean your limestone floors.

Seal Your Limestone

Every couple of years, you will need to re-apply limestone sealant. As with most natural stones, limestone is quite porous. Without a sealant, water and pigments can pour into the holes, leading to stains and water damage. Sand and debris can also scratch and crack the surface. Applying a sealant will protect your limestone tiles and elongate their life. Once you apply a sealant, you can sustain your floor’s beauty with regular limestone tile maintenance.

Sweep and Vacuum Your Limestone

To prevent scratches and dulling, we recommend sweeping your limestone floor daily. You can use a soft-bristle broom and dustpan or a gentle vacuum. Dust mops also work well. If you live a busy lifestyle, you may want to invest in a robotic vacuum that you can schedule with an app. Placing doormats at each entryway can also control some of the dirt that makes its way into your house.

Mop Your Limestone

Since limestone is a relatively low-maintenance flooring, you only need to lightly mop it once a week. Use a soft damp mop or microfiber cloth to gently wipe up any dirt or grime. Don’t use too much water and avoid homemade or commercial floor cleaners. The acids and chemicals in these cleaners are too abrasive for most natural stone floors. If you need something stronger than water, you can opt for a limestone-specific cleaner which can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Remove Stains From Limestone

The best way to prevent stains is to wipe up spills immediately. Sealant does a good job at blocking stains, but if a spill sits for a while, it can penetrate the surface. There are special cleaners you can purchase for tough stains, but they should be used sparingly. Regular use will damage the limestone. Steam cleaners are another great option as they provide a deep clean with heat and water. You can choose to either rent or buy one from your local hardware store. These also should be used infrequently.

Keep Your Impression Limestone Floors Clean

At Impression, we aim to craft exquisite limestone flooring that you’ll love for a lifetime. Our carefully curated and artfully constructed tiles will add a high-end charm that you simply cannot achieve from synthetic or simulated stone flooring. To keep your limestone beautiful, you’ll need to apply these simple maintenance techniques. Regularly cleaning your limestone tile flooring will keep it looking like new for many years to come. Contact us today and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.