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What Are the Benefits of Using Marble in Your Home?

Why Using Marble in Your Home Is Beneficial

When choosing a natural stone material for your home, the benefits of every material option need to be weighed. What’s most durable? What fits the budget best? What stone do you like the look of? For many homeowners, the answer to all of these questions is marble!

Marble is a natural stone that actually begins as limestone. When combined with extreme pressure and/or heat, usually caused by tectonic plates and magma, portions of the limestone begin to recrystallize. This process changes the texture of the internal crystals to give the interlocking designs and colors seen in marble. The recrystallization to create marble may be tainted with “impurities,” which are just any mineral deposits unique to a specific quarry or location. Pure marble is completely white or light in color, but the “veining” of colors caused by things like clay, quartz, and iron oxides are often desired by many homeowners. 

Marble Is Durable & Long-Lasting

Marble is a remarkably strong material, which is one of the reasons it’s such a great addition to any home. Because it’s a natural stone, it resists scratches, cracks, and breakage more than its artificial counterparts. Marble, especially in the form of countertops, is remarkably resistant to heat. It tends to stay cool constantly, and won’t ever catch fire or burn. With that said, hot pots and pans should always be placed on a pot holder or trivet as to not scorch the surface and finish of marble, but you certainly don’t have to worry about it breaking from a high temperature. Of course, being so durable means that cleaning and maintaining this beautiful natural stone is relatively easy. It doesn’t collect dirt, dust, and dander the way materials like wood or carpet do, and many consider it to be allergy-reducing.

Marble Fits Every Design Aesthetic

Despite being so durable, marble is still softer than some other natural stone materials, like granite. This gives it the ability to be shaped and carved with ease. Because of this, marble makes for the perfect material no matter what you’re building, and works perfectly with intricate designs. Moreover, marble comes in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and textures, so you’re sure to find one you love. It’s because of this variety, in part, that marble grew as a common building material.

Marble has been a popular home building material in the modern world for decades now, and has always brought class and an upscale feel to any home. Marble fits any design aesthetic, whether that be referring to the interior design style of your home or the unique shape of your kitchen. Thinking beyond how marble will apply to your home, keep in mind that having a popular stone material in your home is great for resale, because unpopular options could drive potential buyers away.

Marble Is Affordable

There’s a notion that natural stone is out of the price range of many homeowners, but the opposite is often true. Marble can be very expensive, but prices vary. Carrara marbles – the classic white with grey veins – tend to be the most affordable. Prices can change based on your individual project, including the thickness, finish, and size of the slab. Before you cross marble off of your potential home feature materials list, look into your desired color and pattern. You might just be surprised by the price!

Additionally, marble is a great investment. Even when pricey, the return on investment is high because it increases the property value of your home. You’ll find your house’s resale price often increases when marble is in the mix.

Bring the Benefits of Marble With Impression

Impression’s selection of marble will have you wondering why you didn’t pick a marble custom home feature sooner! Our most popular marble options include marble fireplaces, marble door surrounds, marble kitchen hoods, and marble fountains, but our team of artisans will help create any number of intricate designs tailored to your individual needs. Contact us today to get started!

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