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The Best Uses of Marble in Your Home

How to Best Use Marble in Your Home

There are many ways to use marble in your home. In fact, this natural stone option is so versatile that Impression has seen it used in nearly every custom home feature you can imagine. Marble is great to work with because it offers maximum durability without losing malleability. This means it can be easily carved and transformed into a hand-crafted piece while still remaining strong and long-lasting. While marble can be used for any custom home project, there are some uses of marble that tend to be more popular and useful! Today, we’ll look at the most common ways that homeowners use marble in their homes.

Marble Fireplaces

Marble fireplaces are the hallmark of an elegant and stunning home. Fireplaces generally add a beautiful attention-grabber to any house, and marble is an especially classy material to use for your home’s area of gathering. Marble is highly resistant to fire and heat, which is why it’s so often used for fireplaces. They’re easy to clean, extremely durable, and are available in a huge variety of color, texture, and pattern options. See more of our reasons for using marble fireplaces in another blog by clicking here.

Marble Door Surrounds

When you want to make a statement with your entrance, a marble door surround can provide all you need and more. Marble door surrounds are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Marble door surrounds originated in Europe, namely in the churches of Italy. They were also used in villas, palaces, and chateaus throughout time periods like the Renaissance and Romanesque periods. They often feature impressive, hand-carved designs with ornate features. The simplest of marble door surrounds are rectangular with angled and beveled features. The more intricate ones have half-pillars, family crests, floral carvings, and unique shapes. Marble’s malleability plays a huge role here, and is why it’s such a fantastic material for door surrounds.

Marble Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen hoods are the exhaust appliances over your stove that usually provide light and an avenue for removing steam or smoke that is created as you cook. Despite being an appliance, there’s no need for your kitchen hood to look unsightly! Kitchen hoods can be grand and beautiful, covering the actual appliance underneath – and that’s precisely what marble kitchen hoods do.

Custom natural stone kitchen hoods mimic the antique styles of the French and Italians, especially from Classical and Neo-classical eras. Much like fireplaces, marble is a popular choice for kitchen hoods because of its durability. In the event of a kitchen accident, marble won’t catch fire. Marble kitchen hoods offer elegance with a modern touch, and their long-lasting qualities only add to the reasons why they’re such a great option.

Marble Fountains

Wanting to spruce up your backyard, courtyard, or driveway? Look no further than marble! Marble fountains come in Roman, Venician, Versailles, and Grecian-inspired variants. Marble fountains are usually grand and tiered, with at least two (but more typically three) levels of water. Most fountains serve as an eye-catching centerpiece to a home’s driveway or paved front yard. Because marble is water-resistant, it holds up well in fountain form. It’s also weather resistant, and can withstand most environments!

Marble Countertops

Marble is, candidly speaking, one of the best countertop material options available. Marble is incredibly resistant to all of the things your countertops need to be: pressure, heat and fire, and spills and water. When properly sealed, your marble can and will last a lifetime, no matter how many cutlery pieces you drop or bottles you accidentally tip over! Want to read more about how long your marble countertops will last, or why they’re the best natural stone to use? Check out our other marble-centric blogs here and here.

Custom Marble Home Features By Impression

Ready to incorporate marble home features into your house? Impression is ready to help! Our team of experienced artisans knows how to turn any house into a dream home through customizable, hand-carved custom home features. Contact Impression today for the highest-quality marble available, plus home features in limestone and reclaimed terracotta too.

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