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What Is the Best Way to Clean Limestone?

The Best Way to Clean Your Limestone

Imagine: you’re a homeowner, and your new custom home feature made of limestone is finally installed. But, you’re realizing you don’t quite know how to clean it. Worry not; Impression is here to help. Cleaning your limestone is a necessary process that ensures that your stone will last as long as possible. When properly cleaned and cared for, most limestone will last a lifetime – if not longer! Though cleaning is necessary, it’s not a particularly tedious task, but it does involve a few steps and regular maintenance. To best clean your limestone, you’ll need a vacuum, dry mop, or broom, a wet mop, limestone-specific soap, sealant, and stain remover. If you want to make your own stain remover, you’ll need flour and hydrogen peroxide.

Prepare the Limestone Surface

First, clean and prep the area of limestone that you’ll be cleaning. A soft dry cloth can be used to dust off the surface. Then, you’ll want to vacuum or use a soft-bristled broom to sweep up and remove any loose dirt and debris. Vacuums are great because they best suck up the dirt found in deeper crevices that brooms can’t often clean. Just be sure to turn off the spinning brush, because the stiff bristles can cause scratches on the surface of the limestone. It’s vital to clean the limestone area well because any debris left behind, once made wet by your cleaning solution, will act as abrasive particles that cause scratches as they’re dragged along the limestone.

Cleaning the Limestone Surface

Next, you’ll clean your limestone using water and soap. You’ll want to use a soft rag or non-abrasive sponge to apply a soapy solution. Your soapy solution can be made by combining soap and warm water in a bucket. Not just any soap will do though; the soap should be a specialty cleaner designed for limestone. Specialty, non-acidic soaps like these are essential because limestone is a soft and porous material, making it vulnerable to acidic washes. This is especially true for those that have a citrus base. Wash and wipe the surface until it’s shiny and clean!

Removing Limestone Surface Stains

Limestone stains happen, no matter how careful we are. In the bathroom, it’s various lotions, hair products, and toiletries. In the kitchen, it’s wine, coffee, tea, and more. Even outside, the chlorine of pool water, metal outdoor furniture, and the elements can leave limestone with unsightly stains. Removing stains can be done using specialty stone stain removers, or by creating your own poultice at home to draw any impurities out of the limestone. Start by taking a mixing bowl and pouring ¾ cup of flour in. Add hydrogen peroxide little by little, stirring after each addition. Stop when your mixture becomes a paste. Apply the paste over any stains, and allow them to dry. This process can be more lengthy, and it may take up to two days for the poultice to fully dry. Once dry, gently scrape off the paste using a scraper with a soft edge.

Rinse & Reapply Sealant to Your Limestone

After you’ve fully cleaned your limestone, rinse the surface with small amounts of plain water. Never allow soap to stay on a limestone surface, because it can leave a thin film that causes a dull color and accumulates dirt faster. Mop with fresh, warm water until the surface does not produce any bubbly or frothy sections. After rinsing the surface, you’ll want to reapply sealant assuming that it’s time to. If you’re not sure if it’s time to reapply sealant or how to reapply it, you can visit our previous blog here on the topic! Sealant helps the surface of your limestone resist future staining and damage by adding a protective barrier. A quality sealant is a must, especially in high-traffic areas where your limestone is starting to look worn.

Choose Limestone From the Experts at Impression

At Impression, we put the quality and care of your limestone first. We know it’s essential to find the perfect stone for your dream home, and keep it looking brand new for as long as possible. As aforementioned, limestone can last a lifetime, and Impression will make sure you have the information to let it! Visit our site to contact us and get started on your next custom home project, or visit our page on limestone options to view the variants of this incredible and versatile natural stone that we carry.

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