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Unique Home Ideas From A Limestone Company

Limestone Company Innovations For The Home

There are many reasons to work on home improvement projects. Perhaps your home needs something fresh and new to make it look nice again. Maybe an older home needs refreshment because things are simply wearing out. There are plenty of normal things you can do to your home, but you might want something big, unique, and different that will stand out more. Here are a few ideas your limestone company has on how you can utilize limestone in intriguing and versatile ways.

Limestone Exterior Entryways

You might normally use limestone on the inside of your home, on the floor, stairway, or in other areas. But you could also place large limestone tiles at your front entrance as a part of the porch or as an inviting entry patio. The tiles bring your entry door out and allow you to frame the entrance in a unique way. Limestone is hardy and works just as well outside as it does inside. This unique use makes your home stand out as elegant and top notch from the curb.

Limestone Siding

While you won’t side your entire house with limestone, there might be a place that stands out as needing something on the outside of your house. Instead of using brick or another stone, consider limestone as an accent piece. Limestone has been used on buildings all over the world for centuries. There’s a reason those buildings are still standing today—because of the strong limestone. Putting it on the side of your house as a feature can make yours stand out.

Limestone Staircase Column

There are limestone stairs in some homes, but instead of doing the stairs in limestone, consider installing limestone on the walls around the stairs. The limestone makes the walls feel fresh and look like they have a bit of history at the same time. The unique look gives the home extra character and brings out a sense of style.

Limestone Landscaping

The limestone material can be used in landscaping settings in a number of ways. You could use it as a retaining wall, if you need one somewhere. You can place it on the ground as stepping stones for a path or you can use it as a complete wall around your patio. Wherever you place the limestone outside in the landscaping, it’s an elegant way to complete the property and stands out as something natural anywhere you place it outside. Limestone fits into landscaping better than other materials because of its natural appearance.

Place Limestone With Your Limestone Company

There are no limits as to where you can place limestone and what you can do with it. You can create a fireplace, fountain, countertops or many other things. There are even more unique options than those above and the creative professionals at Impression are here to help you with more ideas. Limestone increases the value of your home and is easy to care for and long-lasting, not to mention the beauty it brings to any home no matter where it is placed.