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Choosing Between Marble And Granite Countertops

Is Marble Right For Your Counters?

When the home improvement urge hits your kitchen, you will likely want to get new countertops to make the room stand out. Are marble countertops the best option or would you be better off with granite? Before you can decide between two high quality materials. You should learn the difference between the two to help you make the important decision for your space.

Appearance: Marble Versus Granite

Granite comes in many different colors and patterns and each slab is unique. It’s easy to spend a majority of your time picking out and choosing the perfect piece for your kitchen. Marble also comes in many different colors and patterns and the veining in each piece can make a difference. The natural stone is also unique and the colors range from  brown, beige, yellow, and more. Both are natural and lovely, so it comes down to a matter of preference in appearance between the two.

Care Requirements

Granite is a rather porous stone so if you let a spill sit on the countertop for a few minutes, it will leak into the stone and leave a stain. You will want to wipe granite countertops down daily and seal them every year and never use harsh chemicals on them. Marble also has to be sealed once a year and while it holds up better against spills, you don’t want acidic foods sitting on it. Both stones require constant care over time, but marble holds up slightly better against everyday kitchen use.

Price Points

Homeowners are going to be concerned about price whenever they make a big decision for their kitchen. While granite and marble are comparable, for the most part, marble is often slightly higher in cost. Of the two natural stones, marble is seen as more desirable and that raises the price above other materials.

Making The Decision

While there aren’t many differences in the care and price of granite and marble, there’s a significant difference in the overall look and style of the materials. You will have to examine marble countertops and decide if they are the right fit for the appearance you want in your kitchen. They generally fit in with any home and can upgrade the look and feel of any space. There are enough color options that you can find something that fits in well and the elegant appearance and the right veining can really speak wonders about your style.

Marble Countertops From Professionals

If you decide on marble countertops, you’re making a wise decision for the future of your kitchen. You’ll raise the resale value of your home and you’ll enjoy the beauty of the counters yourself in the meantime. But you don’t want to get marble countertops from just anywhere. That material is best left up to professionals who work with it on a regular basis. It takes craftsmanship to get the job right. Contact Impression with your questions about marble countertops or start looking through slab options to see if you can find the right match for your home.