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Tips For Choosing A Limestone Fountain

Limestone Fountain Buying Guide

The right outdoor fountain can bring your garden or outdoor living area together. The beauty of the element coupled with the trickling sound of water makes the space look more complete. If you want something eye catching that also fits in and offers you relaxation and soothing sounds, you’ll need to choose the right fountain. What types of fountains fit the space the best? How big should it be? What styles do you prefer? Here are some tips to help you get just the right limestone fountain for your outdoor space.

Tip 1: Determine Power Source

The way your fountain operates will be important to where you place it and vice versa. If you want a fountain in the middle of the garden and there’s no power source nearby, you might be better off going with a solar powered fountain. If you want a limestone fountain on the garden wall, you might have access to power and can wire for the fountain with ease.

Tip 2: Determine Size

You will want to look your garden over and see how large of a fountain you can accommodate. Do you have enough level space? Fountains that sit on the ground will have to have level ground to sit upon to work properly. If you want something big, make sure you don’t go too big or you’ll overshadow the garden. At the same time, something too small will look out of place in large areas.

Tip 3: Consider Styles

There are plenty of fountain styles and you can get something custom created for your garden as well. Think about what you prefer and look through pictures of various fountains. Maybe you like a tiered fountain without carvings, but with several levels. Perhaps you want a fountain with some sort of statue in it. Or maybe you want something plain and straightforward. Your style will determine the overall look and feel of the fountain.

Tip 4: Remember Maintenance

No garden fountain is going to be completely maintenance free, but some are more than others. Any fountain is going to have a pump and you are going to have to make sure the fountain has enough water in it for the pump to operate correctly without burning itself out. That means adding water to the fountain from time to time. You’ll also have to remove the pump on occasion and clean any debris from it. While limestone materials hold up well against time and weather elements, you’ll want to clean the fountain every quarter or so and remove old water to refresh the fountain.

Getting The Limestone Fountain Of Your Dreams

Whether you know just what you want or you really have no idea yet, the professionals at Impression can help you make informed decisions. Describe what you know about the fountain you want and they can fill in the details and ask the right questions to help you get everything lined up just right. Your limestone fountain will be in place and operating before you even know it.