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Basic Marble Fountain Care Tips

Taking Care Of Marble Fountains

While marble is a hardy material that lasts for centuries, when you run water over and through anything, it’s going to show wear much faster. While outdoor fountains can be very attractive, only the well-maintained marble fountains remain attractive and functional. Use these basic tips to maintain proper care of your marble fountains once they are installed.

Tip 1: Weekly Water Treatment

Depending on the type of water you have, you may want to use a water treatment on the fountain once a week to clean the inside so algae and mineral deposits don’t build up. Those things are unsightly and can damage the finish on the fountain.

Tip 2: Add Fresh Water

Every few days, add fresh water to the fountain and check to see you have enough water within the feature so the pump won’t burn out or damage itself in other ways. Keep the water level just one inch below the rim in the basin, as a rule of thumb.

Tip 3: Clean The Pump

Remove the pump and clean it out on a regular basis. Having debris in and around the pump can harm it and lower its efficiency and effectiveness. This is the main operating part of the fountain so it needs to work properly.

Tip 4: Replace All Water

About once a month, replace all of the water in the marble fountain so you can get all of the debris out and freshen the fountain overall. Eventually, water might start to smell bad if you don’t clean the fountain out and add new water.

Tip 5: Thorough Quarterly Cleanings

About every three months, clean the whole fountain by taking it apart and scrubbing and washing each piece with cleaning supplies, as directed by the manufacturer.

Tip 6: Take Note Of Instructions

Marble fountains will come with instructions for care and you will want to read them carefully and take note of any restrictions in cleaning materials or things you need to do. Certain cleaning supplies might damage the finish, for example, and aren’t recommended. If you apply the instructions with care, the fountain will last forever and look good at the same time.

Tip 7: Winterize The Fountain

Even if you live somewhere that has warmer winters, there’s still chilly nights. It’s best to winterize the fountain when you aren’t going to be outside enjoying it and when it is at risk for freezing up and breaking. Drain the water from it and take the pump inside to protect it for the colder months. You can even protect the entire fountain with a cover, if you’d like.

Getting Marble Fountains In Place

If you’re willing to put a little time and effort into your marble fountains on occasion, they can really bring a lot to your garden space. Their beauty and the relaxing sound of trickling water could be just what your outdoor living space needs as a finishing touch. Get more details about marble fountains and start looking at options with the professionals at Impression.