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The Process of Installing Reclaimed Terracotta Materials

The Step by Step Process of Installing Reclaimed Terracotta

If you have decided that reclaimed terracotta is the material you want for a certain part of your home, you have made a good choice. These tiles are beautiful pieces of history that have been salvaged from farmhouses in France, chateaus, and other classic locations. They are charming and come in a variety of warm colors to make a home look and feel unique. Once you know you want reclaimed terracotta, you have taken a great first step toward getting the project done. However, there are other steps to take to see it through to completion. Here are a few to think through as you move forward. 

Step 1: Contact Impression

Before you start your project, it’s important to contact experts, like the artisans at Impression. You can get their advice and choose the right material for your home. There’s no point in dreaming on your own and ending up not being able to do what you want for one reason or another. Instead, you can work with experts who will have great ideas and can brainstorm with you until you find the right fit.

Step 2: Discuss Your Vision 

When you decide on reclaimed terracotta, you might have a certain vision in mind and a way you want things to look when they are done. The professionals at Impression will work with you to come up with an overall design plan to help you achieve your goals in a way that fits the material and your budget.

Step 3: Select a Stone Color

Getting just the right color for your home is very important. You can start by visiting the Impression showroom to look at the options. You will also want to take samples to your home to see them against other things in the house and in the natural lighting of your home. It’s best to take time with this part of the process. Live with the samples and look at them at different times of the day so you really know what they look like before you make a final choice.

Step 4: Get a Full Estimate

Once you have the design for the project down and you’ve chosen a stone color for your reclaimed terracotta, the Impression team will provide you with a detailed estimate. The custom home feature will include the installation as part of the estimate, so you get everything you need from start to finish. After the estimate is approved, you can move forward with the creation and installation of the reclaimed terracotta feature you want for your home.

Reclaimed Terracotta Enhances Your Home

After you complete the step by step process and your reclaimed terracotta is installed by the professionals at Impression, you will realize just how much the material enhances the look of your home. It has a way of bringing color to the house in a natural way that can make the home really stand out in its uniqueness. There’s a story behind the stone and while you may not know exactly where it came from, just knowing it has a rich history can give your home something special it didn’t have before.

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