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Why Do You Want Reclaimed Terracotta in Your Home?

An Easy Decision: Reclaimed Terracotta

When you are considering a new material for flooring, a backsplash, an accent wall, or some other area of your home, there are plenty from which to choose. Perhaps reclaimed terracotta has made your short list. It’s certainly a good material to consider and it’s becoming more popular in the design community. Here are a few reasons why you should lean toward reclaimed terracotta in your home:

Reason 1: The Timeless Design

This material has a rich history behind it and fantastic character. Every aspect of your new flooring or other element has a story behind it, even if you’ll never learn the full story. When the reclaimed terracotta gets installed, it provides a natural finish that makes it look as if it’s always been there and truly belongs. It’s also something that won’t go out of style any time soon so there are no worries about going along with new trends.

Reason 2: A Lifetime Longevity

Reclaimed terracotta was created long before costs and profit margins were a big deal for businesses. They are strong and can withstand a lot—and likely already have. The materials originate from old buildings that may no longer exist, but their materials are still as strong as ever. The reclaimed terracotta, when it is re-purposed for your home uses, can last a lifetime with no issues. 

Reason 3: Friendly Environmental Element

Reclaimed anything is environmentally friendly and that’s definitely the case for reclaimed terracotta. Instead of having a company create something new, you are reusing old materials, which takes an impact off the environment. Any little thing you can do is a good way to do your part. If you want to do what you can for the environment, this is a perfect opportunity to reuse something beautiful and highly durable within your home.

Reason 4: Adaptable Layout

There’s no need to worry about getting the look you want from reclaimed terracotta. You can do whatever pattern you want with the tiles. Popular options include herringbone pattern, basket weave, and many others. You can even couple bricks with others for a diamond inlay pattern. The choices are nearly limitless and are up to your style and imagination.

Reason 5: The Uniqueness

If you like the idea of having something truly unique in your home, you can’t go wrong with reclaimed terracotta. You get something no one else has because your terracotta has a different story and history behind it.

Working With Reclaimed Terracotta

While there are plenty of places you can find the reclaimed terracotta materials you might want for your project, the professionals at Impression are well versed with working with the material in whatever way you want. They can customize your project and make sure you get a completely expert craftsmanship and installation so the outcome exceeds your expectations. Whether you are just starting to look things over or you know what you want and are ready to move forward, Impression is here to help with the details from start to finish.

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