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Stacked Stone for Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Stacked Stone Kitchens

There is a ton of variety when it comes to outdoor kitchens, and each has its purpose based on a home’s size, shape, yard, and goal for the outdoor space. If you’re choosing a material for an outdoor kitchen, one of Impression’s favorites is stacked stone. Stacked stone is great at accommodating any space (even with hills and uneven terrain!), any style, and any functionality. Outdoor kitchens in general can net anywhere from 70 to 200% return on investment, especially in locations where the space can be used during any season. Stacked stone can be used on many vertical surfaces in your outdoor kitchen, including cabinets, backsplashes, vent hoods, walls, islands, walkways, and more. Learn about how stacked stone can create your perfect outdoor space with Impression!

Traditional Types of Kitchens

Deciding on a type of outdoor stone kitchen is the first step to obtaining your dream outdoor cooking space. These “types” don’t address materials, but instead focus on the function of your outdoor space.


Portable outdoor kitchens are usually for smaller spaces that accommodate a range of activities. They typically include a movable grill plus a rolling cart. These types of outdoor kitchens usually aren’t stone, or they’d be much harder to move around!


Prefabricated outdoor kitchens are a very advantageous option if your space desires simplicity. These prefab designs offer the typical appliances and layouts, with the possibility of add-ons like fridges, islands, or prep space. Prefab kitchens come in the most common colors and stones, but are limited in terms of customization.


Custom kitchens are built-in-place, and the outdoor kitchens that Impression designs the most. These pieces offer flexibility and unique features based on your preferences. On average, these custom kitchens are a tad larger and have roof-like coverings, utilities, lighting, and more. While more expensive, homeowners get the outdoor kitchen of their dreams while adding incredible value to their home.

Stacked Stone Walls

Stacked stone walls are walls made of individual, small stones. These stones are flat, but not uniform the way bricks are. The end result is a beautiful wall that embodies simple elegance, but still retains precise intricacy through thoughtful uneven features. Stacked stone comes in far more forms than just walls, making up veneers, fireplaces, walls, surrounds, and columns. Being so versatile, it’s easy to add stacked stone throughout your home that ties in the stone of your outdoor kitchen!

Our Stone Wall Process

Are you ready for custom-made stone walls and kitchen features? Impression is ready to help! We create art through an efficient and convenient process that keeps your dream home in mind at every step. Just contact Impression before starting your project. We’ll discuss your project in its entirety, aiding the design process and constructing something perfect. After a design is decided on, you can come visit our showroom to select a stone and color. Our range includes limestone, granite, and marble in multiple variations, capable of being customized to fit your project and home. From there, your project begins!

Impression’s Custom Home Features

Impression puts custom features first, knowing that what we create will help set your home apart from the rest. We want to reflect who you and your family are with premier pieces that you’ll love for generations. Not only do our artisan carvers add stunning detail to each feature via traditional French hand-carving techniques, but everything is built to last. It’s time to make an impression with your home. Call Impression today!

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