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Ideas For Your Exterior Stone Wall

The Diversity of Exterior Stone Walls

While the interior design of homes is already diverse, exterior custom home features take it to a whole new level. Home designs often share commonalities, whether part of a planned community or not, but the land on which a home is situated is distinct for every property. Where one home has a hill, their neighbor may not – and same goes for trees, driveways, waterways, and overall size. In this article, Impression will talk about some of the most common types of exterior stone walls, giving you inspiration! Read on to learn more.

Multi-Tier Hill Facade

Multi-tier hill facades are flat surfaces built into a hill with the use of stone walls. The stone walls act as metaphorical “stairs” from the bottom of the land to the top, and are usually accompanied by a long outdoor stone stairway. Each wall is squared off and parallel to the others, featuring horizontal space for plants, gravel, or another filler. Small pillars may distinguish the stairway from adjoining walls to either side, a space often decorated with lanterns, lights, bold plants, or decorative statues.

Carousel Planter Retaining Wall

Carousel planters are similar to multi-tier hill facades, and are crescent-shaped retaining walls that protrude in a circular fashion along a wall. These walls act as tiers along elevated land, creating plateaued surfaces on which you can plant shrubbery and flowers. Between the efforts of the wall and the plants, land is better retained, lessening the likelihood of erosion and landslide-like activity.

Garden Patio Surround

Patios most often require stone walls when they’re raised or uplifted from the ground. Impression’s line of natural-looking stone offers an earthy yet elegant addition. These stone walls separate your patio from your yard, adding an aesthetic boundary, subtle privacy, and a barrier along which to plant things. Give your patio extra seating with this option as well, by making the wall wide enough to accomodate guests. Cushions can be added for comfort!

Labyrinth Garden Paths

Labyrinth garden paths have an especially whimsical feel to them. Their walls aren’t uniform, varying in shape and height to create extra depth. Usually, these paths are designed to have privacy and provide an escape into nature. These exterior stone walls and paths are especially great for children, creating a natural playground with levels and much to explore.

Stepping Stone Paths

Similar to labyrinth garden paths, stepping stone paths with walls follow the natural landscaping of your property. The stepping stones create paths that accommodate changes in elevation and more. Unlike labyrinth paths, the stone walls here are uniform in height. This style provides a more European feel, with aesthetic precision but a private, winding path.

Stairway With Walls

Stacked stone walls are often accompanied by stairways that lead either across a property or to the house itself, as seen in many of the examples above. The stone pavers that make up the stairs are the same type of stone, adding cohesivity. Choosing stone stairs means choosing longevity and durability, while other materials may not hold as well over time. Stone pavers that match your stone is entirely an aesthetic preference, and you can always mix and match!

Impression’s Custom Home Features

Impression is a company made of artisans that take pride and joy in crafting custom home features, including stone walls of every variety. Our goal is to turn your house into a dream home through carefully-crafted pieces that your family will love for generations. Contact us today to get started on bringing your vision to life.

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