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Spotlight on Our Interior Projects

Inspiration Starts With Impression

Impression has completed numerous projects, and each of them holds a special place in our hearts. We pride ourselves on creating masterpieces that families will love for generations to come. If you’re considering Impression for your custom stone home features, our online portfolio is a great place to start! Here, we showcase all of our favorite completed projects. Click here to visit our portfolio, and read on for descriptions of what you’ll see! All the inspiration you need can be found with Impression. 

Stunning Fireplaces

One of our favorite home features to design and craft is a stone fireplace! Fireplaces are considered the heart of the home, and can instantly improve the aesthetics of your main living area without any other changes. They feature natural warmth, a focal point, and added value to your home.

Sleek Lines

Some of our favorite fireplaces are the simple ones. There’s something extra stunning about a clean and bold fireplace that is composed of straight lines, flat surfaces, and muted coloration. Impression adores how these fireplaces add subtle elegance, elevating the mood of an entire room without being overwhelming. 

Simple Carvings

Simple carvings are a lovely middle ground between sleek lines and something more extravagant. These fireplaces feature minimal accents and carvings, but the ones that are there have greater detail than a first glance lets on. These carvings can help make your home feel luxurious, cultured, and graceful. 

Extravagant Carvings

For those seeking a fireplace that truly stands out, extravagant carvings are the way to go. These detailed designs put art first, and make any room appear sophisticated.

Interior Fireplace Tiling

Creating a stunning mantle is one thing, but there’s nothing Impression loves more than revamping the interior fireplace tiling as well. This back wall area is meant specifically to withstand heat, but that doesn’t mean it has to be drab. An especially notable option is the fireplace with terracotta-toned chevron tiling!

Floors We Adore

Flooring can change an entire room. While we don’t often stare at the floor, the material used for flooring subtly influences our perception of and mood towards a room.

Reclaimed Terracotta

Reclaimed terracotta is the ultimate material for a cozy home. While any stone can make a home feel refined, the earthen tones of reclaimed terracotta keep it casual. Salvaged from decaying structures in Europe, every piece of terracotta is unique, which keeps your home feeling like it’s truly yours.

Limestone Porch

One quick glance at the featured limestone porch with access to the outdoors will show just how well limestone offers a transition from indoors to outdoors. It’s earthy enough to match your yard, but crisp enough to feel purposeful.

Classic Kitchen and Bath

Where does limestone do best? Kitchens and bathrooms! Impression has a passion for redoing kitchens and bathrooms with limestone accents, effortlessly upgrading the aesthetics each time.

Showers and Tubs

The pinnacle of luxury is a bathroom to relax in. Impression’s stylish stone bathrooms add allure, whether it’s during a self-care night or just a pit stop for your daily routine.


Our portfolio features stunning limestone kitchen hoods, as well as custom designed stone counters. Much like fireplaces, kitchen hoods attract the eye, making a bold and beautiful statement.

Explore Impression’s Portfolio Today

Want to see more? Explore all of Impression’s portfolio! Our company houses our favorite projects there, both interior and exterior. If you’ve already gained some inspiration, then all the better: call Impression today to add elegance to your home.

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