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Marble Trends for 2020

New Decade, New Trends

The new year is almost upon us, and with it comes changes. New Year’s resolutions aside, it’s vital to look at how architecture and interior design will evolve in the coming decade. Among those topics is marble. This stone has made a significant comeback in past years, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. With that said, exactly how marble is being used is always changing, and Impression is here to dive head-first into 2020’s marble trends.

Small Doses

While marble is sticking around for the coming decade, its application is changing. Out are the all-marble rooms. Trends are showing that people find them too cold now! Instead, opt for smaller accent pieces in your home improvement projects. By utilizing marble only with accents and statement pieces, it keeps the marble feeling fresh as opposed to stoic or overwhelming.


The only thing better than marble home features is marble furniture. Despite how it sounds, marble furniture tends to look sleek and minimalistic, not bulky or distracting. In particular, tables of all types benefit from marble tabletops: living room end tables, long dining room tables, and even countertops are best. Marble has most often been used in bathrooms and kitchens, but marble-accented furniture allows you to bring cohesive accent pieces throughout the house. Marble flooring or walls might be too much for a dining room, but a marble table certainly isn’t! Marble pieces are inherently chic, modern, and timeless, making them a stylish choice.

Wall Slabs

We know we just said using marble in small doses is in, but so are wall slabs, which are very much so a big commitment. However, an exception exists: colored marble wall slabs. Marble comes in quite literally every color. Turning a wall into an accent wall using colored marble wall slabs is more than a bold move; it’s stunning. Small reading nooks, everyday dining spots, and bedroom walls benefit most from this trend. Opt for a slab with a light base and warm streaks, like crema delicato or rose marble. Pink, orange, light brown, and deep purple accents add to the warmth of a room, which helps balance out how stoic marble is. Warm-toned wall slabs add elegance and strength to a space, all while preserving how welcoming it is. Take accent pieces to the next level by matching throw pillows, blankets, and seat coverings to your wall.


If you’re committed to the idea of marble floors, consider adding them to smaller spaces. Guest bathrooms and foyers are the move for 2020. Foyers are traditionally formal by nature, and marble flooring only adds to that. Not only is it easy to clean in a high-traffic area, but it anchors the entryway of your home, making a statement as people enter. Additionally, bathrooms offer a great space for marble floors. Guest bathrooms on ground level are best, as they tie back in to other granite aspects in your common spaces. Marble bathrooms also feel more luxurious, which guests are sure to adore.

Marble From Impression

No matter what marble improvements you’re looking to make, Impression has plenty of options for you. Our marble is quarried from France and Italy, and we carry a wide variety of colors. For your next marble project, call Impression.

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