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Using Marble Accents Around The Home

Good Looks With Marble

Marble is one of the oldest building materials in the world. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to clad entire buildings in the rock to ornate the beauty of their architecture. The reason for this is simple, the rock is unique and beautiful. Many people choose to use it in their homes for the same reasons. Whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else, marble offers a wonderful look that’s unlike anything else. Unfortunately, it can also be incredibly expensive to use in large projects. The cost of marble countertops, for example, can range in the high thousands rather quickly. If you want to use the material in your home but don’t have that type of budget, don’t despair. You can still have the sight of flowing black-and-white grain in your home. All you have to do is accent.

Marble Tile Accents

Marble is common in bathroom and kitchen designs. It is extremely popular as tiles and countertops because it is durable and offers an upscale look. Some people find too much marble to be overwhelming. Whether it is the look or the expense, marble accents using a reduced amount of tiles is perfect for people wanting just a little bit of the material. Marble tiles come in a variety of sizes and looks that differ in the type and amount of grain they show. If you want a more subtle look, there are tiles for you. If you want a more drastic, almost Las Vegas-style of grain, you will be able to find that as well. Best of all, marble tiles are much easier to install on your own than countertops. You can mix-and-match these tiles with other styles to create unique patterns without much effort.


One of the oldest uses of marble is in statues. Places like Greece, France, and Italy are dotted with countless works of art made from this material. Some of the most famous works, like the statue of David, were carved out of entire blocks of the stuff. These days, you don’t have to hire an Italian artisan to get the same style into your home. There are plenty of marble statues out there, big and small. Larger pieces are great for open spaces or the outdoors if you want a focal point to draw the attention of people. Smaller statues work great as accents around the home. You can use them on shelves, tabletops, and other spots in the background to fill up space. This goes particularly well with other items that provide accent colors. Major colors like reds, yellows, greens, and other bold choices will pop out when sitting next to a marble piece.


Marble is a great choice for outdoor use because of its durability and unique looks. Once again, this stone is a great option for exterior use. Marble can create interesting focal points or background areas in a garden’s plants and trees. You can also use marble accents in other ways. Small fountains or raw rocks are perfect for adding a little bit of black-and-white detail into the garden. Like the stone’s interior use, using marble outdoors is a great way to highlight the natural colors of the surrounding landscape.

Making Marble Work

It’s difficult to go wrong with marble in any space, however, you can easily maximize its potential with a little bit of planning. Make sure you have a design idea and layout in mind before buying any marble accents. Marble looks different in certain styles. Depending on the colors and patterns in the design, you might find that specific types of marble accents will work better than others. With a design plan in mind, you will have everything you need to find the best pieces that will contribute to your overall vision. If you’d like our assistance in making that vision work in your home, check out our website. We have many options for marble and other stones to use in your design.