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Where To Put Your New Limestone Fountain

Finding Just The Right Spot For Your Limestone Fountain

If you have always wanted a limestone fountain, there’s no reason to hold off. Get the fountain you want and then find the proper place for it in your home. There are a number of factors that will go into where the limestone fountain should go. Some homeowners will think about placement first and then get a limestone fountain to match. Others might get the limestone fountain of their dreams and then find the proper place for it in their homes. Here are some things to consider.

The Amount Of Space Available And Needed

If you want to put your limestone fountain in the garden, but the fountain is too large for the amount of space you have available, that won’t work very well. You need to balance the space you have with the size of the limestone fountain. Either buy a fountain that is an appropriate size for the area you want to place it in or find a space that has enough room for the fountain you buy.

Blending Color Combinations

Limestone fountains are made from natural, neutral colors, and materials so they often blend in with just about anything else you have going on around them. However, you don’t want them to clash with anything or add a contrast you don’t want. You may want to plan ahead and find just the right limestone material to go with the other stone or elements you have around that area. Or you can get the limestone fountain made in any color you want and then find a good place where it fits in well. The color combination blend isn’t too hard when you’re using limestone.

Ease Of Use Considerations

If you’re out enjoying your backyard or garden often, you might like having a limestone fountain out there to give you a peaceful trickling water sound. If you don’t get out in the yard much to roam the garden, you might be better off placing the limestone fountain at the front of your house where it will add curb appeal and be something you see on a daily basis. You can also consider putting a limestone fountain inside your house, like in the entryway, to add that extra “wow” factor to the space. Think about where you would see and enjoy the fountain the most before you place it.

Getting Started On Your Limestone Fountain

If you’re ready to plan a customized limestone fountain for your home, whether you know where you want to place it or not, contact the experts at Impression. We’re here to help you figure everything out from start to finish. We’ll help you choose just the right stone and design and we’ll carry out your plans with fine craftsmanship. We can also install the fountain for you once you decide where it should be placed. With your ideas and our expertise, you’ll end up with a limestone fountain you’ll love and enjoy for many years into the future.