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Which Type Of Limestone Fountain Do You Want?

Deciding On A Custom Limestone Fountain

If you’ve decided to get a limestone fountain, part of the fun is figuring out exactly what type of fountain you would like and what fountain would work for you and your home. Limestone, no matter how you use it, is going to bring a sense of elegance and glamour to your landscaping. Take a look through these custom limestone fountain options to see which limestone fountain suits your preferences the best.

Contemporary Fountain Designs

These fountains often have modern statues or pedestals to match your styles and décor. They are simple, yet have elements of grace that make them stand out as well.

Tiered Limestone Fountains

These fountains have three or more different levels, which are called tiers. They give any garden an elegant appeal that is classic and timeless.

Landscape Fountain Options

These fountains definitely stand out within any beautiful landscape. They often have delicate hand carving elements that allow them to really shine, even amongst the most intriguing plants.

Patio Fountain Locations

When you put a fountain on your patio, they are sure to grab anyone’s attention. A limestone fountain here is usually grand and hand carved. There can also be statues and sculptures that take you to another world and another timeframe just by looking at it.

Urn Limestone Fountains

Fountains that have a basin of water at the bottom are of the urn style. They can include tiers or other decorative mannerism and carvings as well.

Pedestal Fountain Designs

Charming designs that focus on classic patterns, animals, statues, or whatever else you like are included with these options. The statue will flow into a basin of water at the bottom.

Wall Fountain Options

You can use this limestone fountain inside or outside of a home. They attach to the wall and add a beautiful aesthetic to any home’s design.

Waterfall Limestone Fountains

Get the spectacular atmosphere you want with three overflowing waterfalls coming off a tier. The combination creates a waterfall effect and gives you the melodious sound of trickling water. It’s impressive, to say the least.

How Can You Decide?

It’s hard to decide which type of limestone fountain you want when you have so many great options. You will want to consider how much space you have for the fountain and which style would fit in best with that limitation. Wall fountains, for example, fit in well where space is limited while some of the others are larger. You can also customize limestone fountain options based on the amount of space you have so there are no huge concerns there. And any limestone fountain will raise the value of your home and the elegance of your yard.

Call The Expert Craftsman

When you are ready to move forward with your limestone fountain, contact Impression for details on customizing the options to suit your specific needs. With our professional craftsmanship, you get exactly what you want in every way to add both style and elegance to your home.