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Marble is Making a Comeback in Home Design

Marble is Making a Comeback

Marble is at the Top of the List for 2016 Interior Design Trends. Here Are a Few Ways You Can Incorporate It Into Your Design.

From fountains to furniture, marble is making a massive comeback in the interior design industry. Interior designers are bringing marble into the 21st century by embracing minimalism and incorporating it to contrast bold colors with its timeless, elegant beauty. In order to stay on top of the trends, here are five ways that you can incorporate it into your next home remodel.

1. Rounded Furniture

One of the biggest new trends coming out of the industry is making the base of your furniture out of rounded marble. It’s both elegant, curvy, and provides a cool, rounded touch that will delight you. If you want to stay on top of 2016, a rounded table with a rounded marble base might be the accent piece that you’ve been looking for.

2. A Simple Fountain

We’re in the age of minimalism, so extravagant fountains don’t give off the same elegance that they used to. Instead, create a fountain out of marble that is simple to give off that timeless elegance marble has, evoking the pride of high-end living without becoming too ornate. The important tip here is to not go too fanciful or pretentious, as that will end up having the opposite of the intended effect on your guests.

3. A Kitchen Hood

If you’ve been looking for a kitchen hood to remove all of  that smoke when you’re cooking, but you don’t want to go with something unsightly, marble is a great choice for a kitchen hood that not only looks good, it does the job rather effectively. While kitchen hoods can be ornate and sometimes over the top, if you pick the right design it should go well with other minimalistic 2016 trends.

4. Kitchen Countertop

There are many flamboyant ways that you can incorporate marble into your remodel, but a kitchen countertop is not one of them. Simple, natural marble is one of the most common upgrades that you can make to your kitchen and is being incorporated into homes everywhere. It brings a polished elegance that is cool and smooth.

5. Contrast with Hardwood

A marble accent piece, such as a rounded table, is a great accent piece for any room that is mostly hardwood.  This works equally well if you use marble to balance out a bold color, such as a dark blue or a deep red. Using marble as an accent piece is one of the most popular trends from 2016, especially as a means to contrast boldness with simple elegance. The end result perfectly strikes that balance, leaving you with a great, balanced look.

Marble Makes Minimalism Great

If you want to try something bold, elegant, ornate, yet restrained, marble is making a comeback that’s keeping interior designers finding new and innovative ways on how to incorporate it. Because of the timelessness of marble, there are always going to be new ways to use it in home remodels to make your home look both polished and chic.

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