Limestone Company

Impression proudly hand carves beautiful custom limestone and marble features for a life of distinction and beauty.


interior fireplace

Our Limestone Company Home Features

At Impression, we take pride in all of our custom home features. Our limestone company only uses the best stone cutting machinery, state of the art tools and the old way of French hand carving techniques. We can create a variety of custom home features such as limestone and marble fireplaces, columns, door surrounds, kitchen hoods, flooring, walls, sinks, countertops, and much more.

About Our Limestone Company

We proudly import all of our natural stone materials from France and Italy, so we can provide you with historically rich, authentic home features. For a life of culture and timeless beauty, we are the ideal choice. Our artisans are highly trained and skilled in crafting beautiful masterpieces that you and your family will cherish for generations to come. Our main priority is ensure that you and your family are more than satisfied with our services, which is why we work closely with you from the start of the design to the finish of creating the project. Please note that we only create the home features; we don’t install them.

Make a lasting impression with custom limestone or marble fireplaces, columns, flooring, or other home features today!