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Marble Countertop Polishing Tips

Keeping Marble Countertops In Top Condition

When you got your marble countertops, you know they are a beautiful addition to your kitchen and you’re so glad you had them installed in the first place. They last a long time and there’s not much maintenance involved. However, you want your marble countertops to look nice on a daily basis. In order to maintain their elegance, polishing on the regular is important. Marble is a symbol of elegance and refined taste and the more polished it is, the more beautiful it’ll show. While it’s not hard to polish marble, there are certain products and things you will want to avoid so your countertops will get nothing but the best. Use these tips to polish correctly and maintain your marble to its fullest extent of beauty.

Tip 1: Clean The Countertops Regularly

There’s no such thing as a self-cleaning countertop, which is really too bad. You want your countertops to be clean for sanitary reasons, but also to look nice. Wipe the marble countertops down with a soft cloth and warm water on a regular basis. You can also use a mild cleaning agent, but nothing abrasive. Don’t use bleach, vinegar, or abrasive cleaning agents that might scratch the material. If you want the right cleaning materials, get things that are designed to clean marble so they won’t harm the stone. Rinse the countertop and make sure there’s no residue left behind so it looks its best.

Tip 2: Clean Spills Right Away

Spills can happen especially when you’re in the kitchen and that’s okay! You just need to be sure to clean it up right away. Liquids can penetrate the porous material and leave stains that are hard to get out. Sauces, fruit juices, coffee, and other items need to be wiped up right away to prevent damage. Wipe in gentle, circular motions and never scrub. Also keep coasters under cups and glasses and don’t put hot items directly on the counters.

Tip 3: Polish The Countertops

Every now and then, you’ll want the countertops to look really nice so polishing is a good idea. Clean the surfaces thoroughly first and then either get a polishing and sealing kit or hire someone to take care of the chore for you. You’ll want to finish the process with a marble sealant that can help you prevent future damage to the surface. Sealers resist moisture and protect the marble from molding and other issues.

Tip 4: Ask A Professional

While daily cleaning is easy enough, you may not want to tackle resealing your marble countertops yourself. If you need help with that, or have questions about cleaners or other things you can use on the countertops, contact the experts at Impression. We can help you ensure that your marble countertops can withstand the test of time. You know marble is a hardy material since marble buildings have stood the test of time. Surely you can get a good long life out of the marble on your countertops as well.