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Limestone Flooring Ideas for a Full Effect

Getting the Limestone Flooring of Your Dreams

If you’d like to have limestone flooring in a certain room of your house, you probably already know about its elegant appearance and natural origination. Limestone is a softer stone than others, so it feels good under bare feet in the summer and stays nice and cool to the touch. It also, with proper sealing and care, can last for decades without showing wear and doesn’t take much maintenance in the meantime. If you would like to move forward with limestone flooring, it’s an investment you want to get just right. Here are a few creative ideas to help you get the effect you want from this type of flooring. 

Continue the Floor up the Wall in the Bathroom

If it’s the bathroom you want to floor with limestone tiles, one way to give the room a cohesive look is to carry the floor tiles up the bathroom wall in an area. You could take the tiling up behind the bathtub, for example, or into the shower to give the room a full look and feel with the texture and color of the tiles. Or you could continue the coloring in the countertop of the vanity in that space as well. It’s hard to get too much limestone in an already small space like the bathroom. In fact, giving the room coordination in color can help make it look and feel larger.

Limestone Flooring and Walls Outside

If you want limestone flooring on your patio, the material is also a great choice for the exterior of your home. Even the elements can’t touch this material, as is evidenced in the buildings around the world that have used it over the centuries and still stand today. To get an even lovelier look in your garden area, continue the limestone patio flooring up onto walls you might have for an outdoor kitchen, around the garden, or into the yard as a path. 

The Backsplash and the Floors Come Together

The kitchen is another popular space for limestone flooring and countertops of that material are also popular. But one way to draw the space together is to put in a lovely limestone floor and then use smaller tiles of a similar or contrasting color for the backsplash in the room. You can draw all of the colors together there or continue one color scheme, depending on what style you are going for.

From Floor to Fireplace

Limestone flooring is a great way to add style into a space, but when you carry that limestone tile up and around the fireplace, it gives the room an added sense of warmth and a welcoming feel. Limestone is a marvelous material for a fireplace, and it can be carved in any way that suits your style.

Finding the Right Limestone Flooring and More

If you’d like to have limestone flooring in your home, contact the professionals at Impression.  You can also get into other ideas you have, like carrying that tiling up onto a wall, around a tub, or onto a fireplace. Whatever it might be, we can help bring your vision to life.

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