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Limestone Color Options

Examining Limestone Colors

Limestone is made up of mainly calcium carbonate and as a natural, sedimentary rock, its unique texture and structure as well as its color depends on where it crystalized and where it is quarried. Natural limestone originally deposits in shallow sea beds and the color ranges from white, yellow, and gray to blue, beige, and cream. While the limestone color matters in the overall appearance of the stone, so does the finish placed on the stone.

Ivory Cream Limestone Colors

This creamy color has very little vein contrast so it looks more of a pure, Ivory color. It’s a great way to get limestone into the room without offering much contrast to the style you have in place already.

Fine White Limestone

This material has a smooth texture to it and a gray/white coloring. Without much veining, it can also fit in anywhere you want.

Azul Monica

With visible impurities, this dark blue with white veining mix offers visual interest within any room.

Rhine White

The high color variations in this color gives you a variety of options, all under the same color.

Sino Blue

This deep blue and gray color have small blocks available, which make good tiling for the floors of a home.

Yulan Beige

This limestone color enjoys visible impurities, which gives it a more interesting appeal. IT comes in large blocks, which can be big enough for larger tiles or even smaller countertop projects.

Limestone Finishes

While these are just a few of the color options, you will want to spend just as much time thinking about the finish placed on top of the limestone. The finish will have a huge impact on the functionality and appearance of the limestone you place in your house. Here are a few options:


This is one of the standard finishes that gives very little texture and presents minimum surface interruption. It’s popular for countertops and doesn’t allow germs to hide as easily.


When new limestone materials are blasted to look more aged, they feel as if they were installed years ago instead of something that is brand new within a home. They can fit into older homes very well or into homes that have certain styles.


When the stone is placed with other rocks and tumbled about, they have a natural finish that makes them look as if they were just pulled from nature and placed into your home. This is popular for outdoor walkways and walls.

The Limestone Colors And Finishes Continue

These are just a few examples of the colors and finishes you can get on your limestone project, but there are many others to consider. In order to be completely happy with the final outcome, you will want to ensure that you have the right color and finish combination. Ask the professionals at Impression for advice as you make this important decision since they work with the material on a regular basis and can set you up with just what you need to meet your goals.

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