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The Many Uses Of Marble

Home Uses Of Marble

When you think of marble materials, perhaps flooring or countertops come to mind. While those are completely valid uses of marble, there are many other places you could put the beautiful, natural material. Before you decide you want it in your home (and don’t limit yourself, you can choose more than one location), look at some of these other uses.


The fireplace, whether it’s in use or not, is a warm, comforting part of any home. It can stand out as the centerpiece of the room, if done right. If you want your fireplace to look unique, it can have a custom design and with the right marble materials, it will be everything you want it to be.


Talk about taking elegance to the next level. Marble, in any location, is going to be elegant, but when you place it in a fountain, either inside or out, it is truly impressive. Whether the fountain is straightforward or heavily ornate, it will grace the garden with a new appeal, or perhaps even the entryway of your home, if that’s what you want.


Built as impressive features, columns bring a high-end element to any home, either inside or out. The architecture of them draws the eye and the beauty of the marble holds it in place. If you want to make a statement in a certain location, columns may be the right choice.

Door Surrounds

You don’t have to stop with columns on either side of a doorway, instead, you could have a whole door surround that will create a distinguished beauty as people usher themselves from one side of the doorway to the other.


The kitchen or bathroom will have a complete look with a marble sink created from premier materials. Bathrooms are sometimes small, but they don’t have to lack in elegance as long as you choose the right materials for the right locations.


If you want your entryway to be as grand as possible, and you can see the stairs right after you walk in the front door, having a marble staircase will put anyone who comes through in awe. The custom project leaving a stunning look behind.

Kitchen Hoods

There are plenty of things to focus on in the kitchen, but with a marble kitchen hood carved to your exact specifications, you have a focal point that brings elegance and a finishing touch to the space.


Marble gives a historically-rich appearance and a long-lasting elegance to any space. When you place it on the walls, it looks unique and fetching all at once.

Choosing The Right Uses Of Marble For Your Home

As the homeowner, now it’s your turn to make the ultimate decision as to where you will place marble within the house. Whether you have one small project in mind or a lot of larger ideas, contact the professionals at Impression to get everything lined up and installed just as you want it for a stellar end result.

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