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Kitchens: Black-and-White Is In

Styling Your Kitchen With Black and White

Nothing says “classic” like black and white, but it turns out that black and white can say much more than that. Notorious for its use in the kitchen, nearly every style or aesthetic has a grayscale version. Seeing as black and white are the common denominators, it’s clear that this timeless color palette can do anything. If you’re looking to restyle the heart of your home with black and white features, read on! Impression is about to look at how these colors play a role in many design types.


Creating the ideal farmhouse kitchen has been a hot topic for over a year now. Black and white farmhouse kitchens are characterized by deep farmhouse sinks, white cabinets, and thin black countertops. Using black and white for cabinets, counters, and appliances allows rustic accent pieces to stand out more. For a Swedish or more rustic influence, use black light fixtures or industrial-style chairs or tables. Pieces made with wood, metal, and old-school patterns have their chance to shine in these otherwise dichromatic rooms.


Kitchens are inherently square. Common appliances, counters, and cabinets all feature strong lines and sharp corners. Adding a pattern to your kitchen makes a space feel more casual and cozy, detracting from otherwise “cold” shapes. When a black and white kitchen is given a pattern, the result is stunning! Black and white patterns appear classic and timeless, while adding a colorful pattern to a black and white kitchen feels modern and fun. Create patterns through backsplash tile, eccentric stone, and interesting floors with Impression!


Going for sleek means going for stone. Sleek kitchens in black and white are often divided horizontally. Either black or white will be carried along the top (light fixtures, top cabinets, tabletop items, wall decor) while the opposite color makes up the lower half (bottom cabinets, islands, seating, and low accent decor). Sleek can be compared to the concept of minimalism, because the less objects there are in your kitchen, the more seamless it will feel.


Modern kitchens are known for their geometric shapes and open-concept designs. Kitchens aiming for a modern feel should include bold statement pieces that incorporate diverse motifs. Examples include globe chandeliers, islands that divide a room, and architecture that naturally flows vertically. More natural-looking stone in polished finishes adds to this, and granite or marble home features in white, black, light tan, and grey stone truly bring a modern kitchen space together.


How to turn a kitchen chic? The answer may be more simple than you think. Black and white are already chic, being both trendy but timeless. These kitchens are casual and understated, but with updated appliances and counters and modern accent pieces. Add a subtle pattern to tiled floors, paint only a subsection of your cabinets black, or opt for a soft stone backsplash.


We couldn’t write an article about black and white aesthetics without mentioning a classic design. In many cases, classic kitchens lean towards either an emphasis on black or an emphasis on white, with accents in the opposing color. Backsplashes are subtle, and may even be best made with limestone, which brings an additional neutral accent into the color palette. Keep stone accents big and bold – large islands, wide cabinets and countertops, and kitchen hoods that allow the backsplash to be attention-grabbing.

Custom Home Features for Your Black and White Kitchen

Impression offers custom home features with unique customizations and hand-crafted pieces, so you can get the perfect stone product for your aesthetic. Our goal is to create kitchen features like kitchen hoods, countertops, tiles, columns, sinks, walls, and more that will be loved for generations. Contact Impression today to get started on stone features for your black and white kitchen!

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