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Customizing Marble Fountains

Ways to Update Your Marble Fountain

If you’ve ever seen a marble fountain, you know there’s not another marble fountain that is identical anywhere else. Marble fountains include the unique material that has no equal. Plus, there are a lot of other ways to customize a marble fountain to make it stand out even more. Here are a few ideas to help you get the right marble look for your home.

Add Tiers

Marble fountains with one bowl are beautiful and serene, but if you want to add some flair and elegance to the fountain, add another tier (or two!) to get a bonus of beauty and further the trickling sounds.

Include Carvings

You can carve marble into anything you want and that means your fountain can feature whatever you’d like. Whether you have a statue placed on top or items carved into the tiers and bowls, they can be completely customized and unique to your style. 

Water Features With the Outdoor Kitchen

You can customize your marble fountain to fit into an outdoor kitchen area. If the kitchen is surrounded by a wall, for example, the marble fountain could become part of the wall and blend in while standing out as a water feature at the same time. 

Line The Garden With a Stream

Your garden already stands out in your yard, but water features will do even more. Consider a moat-like look with a narrow stream within landscaping around the garden. You can build a wall on one end to heighten it and then allow a marble fountain to trickle down into the stream to give it a finishing touch.

Mix Fire and Water

There are no two things that are more opposite, or go better together than fire and water. Consider placing a marble fountain of some kind next to a firepit in your yard so you can relax by the trickling water or by the crackling fire—or both.

A Simple Bird Bath

If you love watching birds in your yard, you can install a marble fountain with a small trickle that doubles as a birdbath. Enjoy the sounds of natural water when the birds are singing in the trees and watch them bathe at other times of the day.

Turn the Stairs Into a Fountain

If you want something truly outstanding in your yard, consider a set of marble staircases coming off the back patio and into the yard. Next to the staircase, save a foot or so of space and you could create a staircase fountain to give your staircase even more appeal.

Add Lighting

Once you have the fountain you want, don’t forget to add lighting to make it stand out even more. Lights can be placed inside the fountain to illuminate the water or you can place spotlights outside of it to show it off from different angles in the darker hours.

Getting the Marble Fountain Set Up

There are a lot of unique ideas out there and the professionals at Impression can help you find the right one for your home and style. They can customize your fountain and then install it for you in just the right location.

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