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Incorporating Reclaimed Terracotta Into Your Home

Placing Reclaimed Terracotta Just Right

Reclaimed terracotta is a stunning material with a historic background. It can make any room pop in a number of areas. If you like the timeless look that has that Eastern flair to it, this is the perfect material for you. And because it’s both beautiful and durable, interior and exterior design outlets work well for homeowners in general. The key to enjoying this material to its fullest is placing it just right in your home. Where should you incorporate it? Here are a few ideas:

Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles In The Entryway

You want to make an impression with your entryway and if color and warmth is important to you, reclaimed terracotta tiles are the perfect fit. They are highly durable so they can stand up to heavy traffic and any dirt you bring in through the front door. They give off a charming, old world appeal right away and can leave a lasting impression.

Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles In The Bathroom

It’s hard to infuse color and style into the bathroom because the space isn’t always huge. There sometimes aren’t a lot of walls to paint with the fixtures, cabinets, and mirrors in the way. But every bathroom has a floor and when you place reclaimed terracotta in as flooring, you get something water resistant that won’t hold onto bacteria and mold. You need something like that in a room that tends to be wet.

Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles In The Kitchen

Again, this material can get wet and holds up well, so it works in the kitchen, too. It can infuse a warmth and some color without going overboard and gives the kitchen a welcoming appeal. With the different colors, shapes, and sizes, you can even pattern the flooring to give your design preferences the right appeal.

Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles Outside

With sand colors that vary from red to yellow and brown, reclaimed terracotta gives you a charming appeal that is very natural outside as well. Its durability and versatility allow it to weather outside without showing any wear and tear as the years go by.

Reclaimed Terracotta On The Roof

If you need a new roof, you could go with regular shingles…or you could get reclaimed terracotta instead. You will give your home a charming aesthetic from the curb that is durable and gives you a European look that is downright beautiful. The durability is outstanding and reusing these old tiles is good for the environment as well.

Where Should You Put Reclaimed Terracotta?

If you love the look of this material, it never hurts to reuse something that is beautiful within your home. Contact the master craftsman at Impression and describe the look and feel you want in certain parts of your home. They can make recommendations as to where reclaimed terracotta might work the best within your home. Take a look at pictures of what others have done and inspect the different designs, colors, shapes, and styles of the tiles available to get the best for whatever project you want to take on.

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