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You May Not Have Known These Uses Of Limestone

Understanding The Wide Uses Of Limestone

When you think of the limestone material, where does your mind roam? To countertops? Sculptures? Fountains? Limestone is used in all of these ways, but it also shows up in places you may not automatically think of or in ways that are most unexpected. Here are some common uses for limestone that don’t always come to mind when you consider the natural stone.


When you see some of the buildings made from limestone, the natural stone is obvious, but you may not have recognized that as the building material. Limestone was more popular in architecture in the past, but many of the buildings that were created from the stone are still standing today. Think about the Egyptian pyramids, for example, or the Lincoln memorial as a few examples.


While the natural stone is durable, long-lasting, and beautiful on buildings, many construction companies use it in a modern way—within concrete. Limestone is a chief component in cement and binds the material together. It is a vital part of most modern buildings, though it gets very little credit for it from average individuals who never know it’s there.

3-Soil pH Balancing

Limestone can naturally increase pH so it is often used to balance out soil that is on the acidic side. The stone can be crushed into agricultural lime and added to the soil before crops are planted. It gives the plants better growing conditions and contributes to what we see when harvest time rolls around.

4-Antacid Medications

Limestone can neutralize acid, as you saw in the pH of soil, so it makes sense that it might also show up as an important ingredient in heartburn medications. Limestone is purified and placed in this medication, along with many others. It can also be put into foods to increase calcium carbonate contents.


Limestone has chemical properties that allow it to bond other substances. It is often used in power plants to reduce emissions and it can also remove impurities from iron. It is even utilized to control glass when that substance is created.

6-Livestock Food

Since livestock sometimes feeds the soil, it can also be used for livestock to increase their health and make their diet what it should be. Limestone, when ground up and added to other nutrients, is very healthy for animals to ingest.

The Essential Limestone Material

Limestone is something you can place on your countertops, flooring, and in many other areas of your home, but it’s also an essential product that comes up in many processes around the world. Even if you didn’t know it was there, it plays a huge role in many different industries right there in your area. If you’d like to utilize limestone in a way you can very much see and appreciate, contact the professionals at Impression to go over some home uses and options that might suit your needs. Whether you want a unique fireplace, kitchen hood, or columns or you’d like to go with something more standard like a limestone wall, flooring, or countertops our specialized professionals can help with the project from start to finish.

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