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How to Make Your Home Feel Brighter By Adding Light

Ways to Add Light and Brightness to Your Home

Homes that don’t get enough light can feel cramped, depressing, and demotivating. Having both natural and artificial light is essential for creating a healthy home environment, as well as properly displaying your beautiful home features! Read on to see how to add some light to your life.

Natural Light

Natural light can help boost your mood, and exposure to sunlight is thought to help increase the production of serotonin, a hormone that results in happiness and focus.


Ensuring your home has an adequate amount of windows will help with lighting throughout the day. The more windows you have, the more light that can stream in! Try to install windows on every wall if possible, so that sunlight has the opportunity to enter your home no matter the time of day. If a room in your home needs more light but doesn’t have any more available walls, take existing windows and extend them to be larger, either vertically or horizontally!


When walls aren’t an option, take to the sky! The sun rests overhead for a majority of the day, and even houses with significant tree coverage will find skylights beneficial. Skylights make it easier to enjoy sunlight 

Sheer Curtains

Looking to add light without sacrificing any privacy? Have windows but also have neighbors within eyesight? Sheer curtains are a solution! White or brightly-colored sheer curtains illuminate a room by allowing sunlight through, but keep rooms private by obscuring shaping into mere silhouettes. 

Artificial Light

Artificial light includes floor lamps, wall lights, table lamps, recessed lighting, and pendant lights, among others. Artificial light can range in tone from bright white to deep orange, and you can change the warmth of a room by switching out light bulbs if need be!

Table and Floor Lamps

Table and floor lamps give off concentrated light wherever placed. They make it easy to provide light specifically to a certain area when needed, and can be moved with ease.

Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights offer overhead brightness, which give the same lighting vibe as sunlight due to their positioning. Plus, they’re sleek and stylish, and make for the perfect addition to any home!


Fireplaces are a beautiful and cozy way to add brightness and warmth during the nighttime. Both indoors and outdoors, fireplaces provide “natural” light through fire while still offering the ability to turn lighting off and on as necessary. Impression’s team of artisans is trained in creating handcrafted fireplaces with stunning aesthetics thanks to French carving techniques. 


Light and color go hand in hand, and there are many ways to increase the lighting in your home without actually changing, well, the lighting! Different colors absorb or reflect light depending on their tone, and altering the color scheme of a dark room can make a huge difference. 

Replace Flooring

Most homeowners look to the walls first when redesigning a space, but flooring as equal impact. Light stone flooring or something with brighter color like reclaimed terracotta can transform a room into a more open-feeling living space.

Repaint Your Walls

For rooms that simply can’t have any more natural lighting than provided, it might be time to lighten your wall’s paint colors. This is especially true for rooms like bathrooms, which can easily feel cramped if too dark. 

Impression Matches Your Custom Home Project to Lighting

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