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Why Your Bathroom Renovation Needs Stone

Invest in Your Bathroom Renovation by Adding Stone

When you look to redo your bathroom, most of the time is spent deciding between different tiles, stones, and floor materials. These traditionally smaller spaces require more design thought to make them feel bigger, and there’s always the trouble of finding a middle ground between design and functionality. At Impression, we believe that natural stone materials make for great bathroom floors, sinks, countertops, walls, tiles, and more. Today, we’ll explore a few of the top reasons you should add stone to your bathroom renovation.

Stone Works as an Insulator

There’s nothing quite as bad as stepping out of a warm shower only to be greeted by freezing cold bathroom floors in the dead of winter. Choosing stone as a bathroom material warms up a room both literally and figuratively. Natural tones and soft appearances make bathrooms cozier, which make them feel more welcoming. Additionally, stone tiled floors and walls help retain heat without trapping moisture to keep your bathroom at a comfortable temperature year-round. 

Stone Is Extremely Durable

Bathrooms are inherently high-traffic areas in the home, and the material you choose for flooring especially should keep that in mind. Moreover, any flooring material used must be capable of withstanding water, soap scum, and the other daily messes that accompany a bathroom. Through proper care like the occasional resealing, stone retains its dense and durable qualities. Despite water, heat, pressure, and other types of wear-and-tear stressors, your stone will maintain its original appearance with minimal upkeep. If you choose limestone or marble stone for your bathroom, you certainly won’t have to worry about redoing it again any time soon!

Stone Is Diverse and Unique

One reason so many homeowners choose stone is for its unique patterns and colors. Any home has a place for stone, and there’s a natural stone material that works for every design aesthetic. From classic and carved to modern and sleek, stone’s diversity extends to color, texture, marbling, and finishes, giving you control over each creative facet of the material. Impression carries a wide variety of limestone, marble, and reclaimed terracotta. Because our artisans are trained to have an eye for which stone type and color may look best for a given project, our experts can help you pick out one that best suits your needs and style!

Stone Is Timeless and Flexible

Adding stone to your home can greatly increase its resale value, and that’s for good reason. Stone has been popular from the beginning of mankind, and incorporating it into your home is never a bad idea. Not only does stone last a lifetime assuming proper upkeep, but it never goes out of style. It’s stunning, elegant, and elevates any home. Best of all, while some home improvement features can be turn-offs for buyers depending on their style, stone isn’t one of them! Generally speaking, any color or style of stone can be easily repurposed to fit a new homeowner’s design aesthetic due to the flexibility in design stone possesses.

Renovate Your Bathroom With Impression Stone

When remodeling, it’s important to choose home specialists that care deeply about the quality of their materials and work. The artisans of Impression stone take great pride and joy in transforming bathrooms and other rooms with our stunning custom home features. We work hard to turn your vision into reality, crafting custom pieces your family is sure to love for generations to come.

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