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Different Types of Natural Stone Finishes

Different Types of Natural Stone Finishes

If you love customized home features, natural stone is the perfect medium. You can carve limestone into any shape imaginable or engrave marble with ornate or imaginative designs. Natural stone also comes in a variety of finishes, each with unique characteristics to suit your style or purpose. Some finishes accentuate the stone’s natural beauty while others make it functional for a particular space. Before you decide on a finish for your project, consider these popular natural stone finishing techniques:

Natural Cleft Stone

If you prefer a raw look, you’ll love the aesthetic of natural cleft stone. This stone style showcases the natural shapes and variations of a freshly quarried stone. It has no additional finish. Each piece is unique and irregular, giving it a rustic feel. Due to the texture and uneven surface, it’s an ideal option for outdoor areas. It also has natural anti-slip properties, making it perfect for poolside patios and garden paths.

Polished Stone

Polished stones provide a luxurious, high-end appearance. Stone craftsmen use diamond pads and special machinery to achieve this mirror-like shine. The glossy surface highlights the stone’s natural coloring, patterns, and characteristics. For this reason, polished stones add elegance and value to a space. Though the slippery surface isn’t ideal for outdoor spaces and bathroom floors, it will make a beautiful statement in other areas of the home. Try it on a wall, countertop, backsplash, or living room floor.

Honed Stone

To apply a honed finish, stone craftsmen use abrasives to smooth the stone down to a flat, matte-like surface. Due to its slip-resistance and ability to hide scratches, honed stone is a popular choice for flooring, bathrooms, and pool decks.

Brush Hammered Stone

Brush hammering mimics the look of medieval stone. If you ever have the opportunity to see a medieval structure, take note of the textured walls and floors. This texture comes from hammering techniques combined with centuries of aging. Today, machines can create this rugged, time-worn look with a simulated brush hammered finish. Architects typically use this finish in exterior cladding. 

Tumbled Stone

If you enjoy the look of weathered and age-worn stone, choose a tumbled finish. To simulate the effects of weathering, stones are tumbled in a drum full of water and aggregates. The tumbled finish gives stones a soft, rounded appearance, complementing antique and rustic decor. Common applications include exterior walls and patios, shower floors, and kitchen backsplashes.

Leathered Stone

Leathered stone has a wavy, almost pebbly surface, similar to that of leather hide. It’s textural and visually interesting but also warm and soft to the touch. Since it is versatile and easy to maintain, leather stone can be used almost anywhere in the home, including countertops, floors, and fireplaces.

Sandblasted Stone

Sandblasted stone is known for its finely textured, anti-slip surface. Using air or water pressure, stone craftsmen spray a mixture of sand and beads at the stone. The finish looks similar to a combed beach. Some people also use this technique to etch different designs or patterns into the stone. It’s perfect for bathrooms and poolside patios.

Flamed Stone

To create a textured, somewhat rough finish, stone craftsmen sometimes choose to apply a heat gun to the surface of the stone. In a way, this mimics the intense heating process that nature uses to form rocks and crystals. Most choose to use flamed stone in exterior applications, including stepping stones, patios, and walkways.

Natural Stone Finishes From Impression

Each natural stone design from Impression is a custom work of art. Our artisans use hand carving techniques and modern technology to create unique, personalized home features. Whether you enjoy the high-shine of a polished stone or prefer the practicality of a leathered finish, we can make it happen for you. Contact our team today to find the right stone and perfect finish for your space.