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Why Natural Stone Is Timeless

Why Natural Stone Is Timeless

Natural stone is seen as a coveted home material, and its usefulness is not to be understated; natural stone is commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout the home as a variety of custom home features. Natural stone is picked as the choice material of many for quite a few reasons, including but not limited to its low environmental impact, high value, and incredible longevity. Because of its wide variety of benefits (and very few cons!), natural stone is seen as a timeless material that you’ll want to implement in your house. Here’s why.

Reasons to Choose Natural Stone

The reasons for choosing natural stone are virtually endless. However, there are a few more popular reasons that people tend to pick natural stone. Here are some of the reasons homeowners most frequently opt for marble, limestone, reclaimed terracotta, and other stone materials as their building and home feature textile of choice.

Neutral Color Tones

Everyone knows that colors fade in and out of popularity, but neutrals are as timeless as they get. While natural stone does come in a few more eccentric colors, such as richer greens and subtle pinks, most natural stone comes in beautiful, simple shades. Because of this, natural stone is always in style. Similarly, it matches any on-going trends in home decor fashion, fitting homes that range from sleek and chic to traditional and elegant. Whether a home switches owners or your own personal styles change, the color of your stone will always match.

Simple Yet Artistic Patterning

In a similar vein, the veining of most natural stone is simple enough to translate into any home. It’s timeless because its simplicity allows it to be. With that said, limestone and marble especially possess a lot of character in their patterning. Because of the natural lines and streaks found in stone, it’s a highly desirable aesthetic with an artistic flair that makes it so coveted by many.

Long Lifespan

Another reason natural stone is so timeless? Because it is, literally, timeless! Natural stone takes millions of years to form due to a process that involves incredibly high temperatures and pressure. Natural stone is fire, water, and bacteria-resistant, incredibly strong, and capable of being repaired. Natural stone is even considered an eco-friendly material because of how long it lasts, seeing as it very rarely (if ever) needs to be replaced.

Increased Home Value

Natural stone has historically been one of the best ways to raise the value of your home. It’s for all of the above listed reasons and so many more as well. Due to its inherent monetary value, natural stone is consistently installed in houses and designed to last a lifetime. For property owners, it’s a phenomenal way to bump the return on your investment. With so many benefits and desirable qualities that encourage its installation, we can say for sure that natural stone is timeless due in part to its on-going popularity.

Select Stone From Impression

While natural stone is timeless no matter where you get it, such a big investment that will last for decades is an important one! You can ensure your home is filled with only the very best natural stone by selecting marble, limestone, and reclaimed terracotta from Impression! View our selection of European-sourced natural materials online now, and get in touch to begin improving your home with the best timeless material there is.

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