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How Do You Clean Terracotta Floor Tiles?

How to Clean Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta floor tiles are a beautiful addition to any home. They add a culturally-rich appearance to a house, and give a semblance of hominess. Once used in European farmhouses, chateaux, and countryside homes, these tiles are now a trending way to bring earthiness inside. They come in a variety of colors, including reds, browns, tans, and creams, meaning that they match any aesthetic no matter your style. While not a natural stone, terracotta is a natural material. It often gives off a similar appearance to stone due to its clay composition, and requires a certain level of care to maintain its stunning appearance. Today, we’ll be looking at how to care for your terracotta on a regular basis.

Remove Dirt and Debris

Step one to cleaning your terracotta floor tiles is to remove any surface-level dirt and debris. Especially because terracotta floor tiles are used for entryways, enclosed patios, mudrooms, and other parts of the home subjected to dirty shoes and traces of outdoor elements, it’s essential to get all loose particles off the floor. This is because this debris can cause microscopic damage in the form of scratches and etches if rubbed against a terracotta floor during cleaning. Sweeping does a moderate job of picking up necessary dirt, but a vacuum is often more effective because it takes up even the smallest pieces of dirt.

Wash Away

Next, fill a bucket with warm water. Some say that adding mild dish soap is more than enough care for terracotta floor tiles. Others believe that a terracotta-specific cleaning agent is more protective for the floors. We advise doing your own research and seeing which would be best for you, though generally speaking, stone-specific cleaners usually help protect your home’s stone features. There are cleaners meant to be used for just clay surfaces that have a neutral pH to avoid the damage caused by acidic cleaners. Acidic cleaners, like those with acids, vinegar, or ammonia, should never be used on your stone. Next, mop or sponge the floor.  Change the water-cleaning mix often enough that dirty water isn’t being used on your tiles. Be sure to rinse away any chemical residue, taking care to not leave any soapy layer behind.

Dry Your Terracotta

The last step of your weekly terracotta floor tile cleaning maintenance is to dry the flooring properly. Use a dry mop to remove any residual water. Other options include using a towel or rag, and we suggest one made out of a soft material. It’s especially important to remove any residual water in the grout joints, which can weaken with excessive moisture.

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