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Taking Care Of Reclaimed Terracotta Floors

Prolonging Life On Reclaimed Terracotta

Terracotta is one of the oldest building material that’s been around for thousands of years. You can see clay pavers back in the Old World and adding them to a home today gives your house charm that can last for just as many years. Terracotta comes in glazed or unglazed tiles and you will want to preserve the material in the right manner to keep your flooring rich and beautiful for the future.

Protecting Unglazed Reclaimed Terracotta

Terracotta tiles always start out as unglazed, raw clay. Some are kiln dried while others are sun-dried, it just depends on where they were made and the process used to dry the tiles out to make them ready for flooring. Reclaimed terracotta is absorbent and will have to be protected if it is to be used for flooring. Protection on the flooring will seal the rich color tones and make the floors easier to clean and maintain.


Sealers are topical products that sit on the surface of the tile and enhance its color. Sealers are also great protectors against spills and stains. Pre-sealants are often used so the terracotta tile doesn’t absorb the sealer and instead, lets the product sit on top of the tile to protect it.


These products are known as penetrating sealers and absorb into the clay materials. They add stain protection and enhance the tile colors. The protection lies below the surface, so the sealant isn’t subject to everyday wear and tear. They are more durable and don’t break down very easily. There are also several types, including an invisible protection that doesn’t change the color, a color enhancer, and a color enhancer with extra stain protection.

Paraffin Oils

One of the oldest treatment methods for reclaimed terracotta is the use of special oils. Oil will enhance the color and give protection against stains and spills as well. It’s like hand rubbed wood finishes that leave a warm sheen on the material while protecting it.


Another option for unglazed terracotta is a liquid wax. This is the easiest to apply because you can just brush it on. It can deepen the tile color and add a protective finish. These topical waxes require ongoing maintenance as they can wear out. The finish, however, is spectacular.

Finding The Right Protection

If you want reclaimed terracotta, you have to protect it to make it last a long time. Which avenue you use depends on how much work you want to put into it, how much money you can place on the project, how much protection you want, and how you want the tiles to look on your floors. If you aren’t sure what’s best for your home, ask the professionals at Impression for advice. No matter what sealant you choose, reclaimed terracotta is a lovely choice of flooring for many different rooms in your house. The warmth they bring and the history they exude gives a home a welcoming, intriguing appeal that other flooring can’t normally pull off.