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Highlighting Natural Beauty With Limestone

Put The Beauty Of Nature Into Your Home

Limestone is a lovely, natural material that looks good virtually anywhere you put it. This substance is something that is durable and long-lasting and can bring a natural elegance into your house. Your home is made up of plenty of natural items, like wood, and if you want to keep that natural look going, limestone is the perfect fit. So where should you place limestone in order to highlight natural beauty? Here are a few ideas.

Exterior Limestone Walls

If you have lovely landscaping and you want to highlight it, limestone walls are a great fit. They can blend in with the natural scenery and help the landscaping to stand out at the same time. The walls are elegant, yet durable and withstand any weather elements that get thrown at them. If you have the limestone walls in the front of your house, they also give you curb appeal as they are often one of the first things people notice as they drive by.

Limestone Flooring

It might sound like flooring is something that takes up a lot of space and not something that really highlights the beauty, but flooring, though it is large, can act as a highlight as well. Flooring isn’t something you usually want to stand out as the primary item to view in a room. The neutral colors of limestone flooring can highlight the other elements you have in the space.

Limestone Fireplace

If you really want your limestone to stand out as a highlight of beauty, place it in the center of your space as a fireplace. It can be ornate and custom carved or more simple, depending on what you want. The fireplace, whether it is lit or not, often becomes the centerpiece of the room and when it’s limestone, the beauty it adds will be easy to notice.

Limestone Kitchen Hood

If you have a plain kitchen, one way to spice it up with elegance and beauty is to add a one-of-a-kind limestone kitchen hood. These hoods are simply breathtaking and can take any ordinary kitchen to an extraordinary level. The kitchen hood made from limestone is unique because it’s not something just anyone has. It’ll catch the eye and add that natural beauty to the room all at once.

Limestone Fountains

If you really want to impress, add a limestone fountain to your garden. You can get a fountain as large or as small as you want and relax with the trickling water sound every time you enter the space. Limestone fountains hold up well against constant water and will look great in the backyard for many years.

Finding The Right Limestone Items

If you’re ready to add natural beauty to your home, the key is finding the right limestone items to add to your house. If you need new flooring, the choice might be obvious. If your landscaping is already undergoing a change, limestone walls would be a cinch. If you aren’t sure what fits in with your current décor, contact Impression for help with adding limestone in just the right place.