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Dressing Up Your Home With Limestone

Limestone: Just As Stylish Inside And Out

Inside your house your main focus is style. You want things to look inviting, welcoming, and elegant. However, no one will get that impression your home without first seeing the outside of the house. You want that part to give a good first impression as well. If your home’s exterior seems boring compared to what you have going on inside, it’s time to personalize it. Limestone is a material that you may have sprinkled throughout the inside of your house. There’s no reason not to continue that trend outside. Here are a few areas where you can place limestone on the exterior of your house.


If you love the natural look around your flower gardens and landscaping, you can accentuate that area with limestone walls. Limestone is a natural material and the stones are mismatched to give you that natural, elegant feel. The color scheme fits in with nature and feels more artistic than other options.


If you have a garden where you like to stroll and relax, wouldn’t it be nice to have the trickling sound of water available at all times? Place a limestone fountain on the exterior of your home to give your home a finishing touch. The fountain brings a serene feeling to your yard as well as a touch of elegance. Place it in the garden, in the front of the house, or wherever else you think it would fit in well.


When you think about using limestone tiles, you might picture the bathroom floors or other areas inside your home. Those are great places for limestone, but you can also use the tiles for pathways outside. Instead of a cement walkway from your driveway to your house, consider a limestone path. These tiles are durable and maintain their appearance for years, even under the weather elements. They don’t age and they add an extra accent appeal to the outside of your home.


Make a true statement with elegant limestone columns around the entrance of your home. You can use them to give an illusion of space and grandeur in other areas as well. Columns make a big impact and they are classic in style and never go off the trend. Customizing columns to suit your needs allows them to fit into your home with ease, no matter what style of home you have.

Impact Curb Appeal With A Limestone Company

Any time you do something to the outside of your home, you want the curb appeal of the house to rise. Using limestone can help no matter where you place it. You can do something small or something more noticeable, but all of the options will raise the value and curb appeal of your home. When you are thinking about incorporating limestone on the outside of your home, contact the professionals at Impression for guidance. We can give you the advice you need to find the perfect options to suit your goals.