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How To Incorporate Limestone In A Modern Household

Renovating With Modernity and Limestone

If you are remodeling your home and you want to go with a modern style, you might wonder if limestone will fit in. After all, limestone has been around for centuries and it really has a traditional, classic appeal, right? While limestone can certainly have a traditional, classic look, it can also fit in with modern designs. Limestone, in reality, is highly versatile. If you want a modern design, here are some ways to utilize limestone so it fits in and stands out all at once:

Use Slabs Instead of Carvings

If you want a unique fireplace that stands out, but nothing that is too overly designed or ornate, consider a slab made from limestone. The limestone will add some neutral colors and modern feelings to your living room. The imperfections in the stone make it natural and add texture while the cutout brings warmth along with a modern look to the room. A limestone fireplace will fit right into the modern style.

When In Doubt, Go Flat

Just like the fireplace, if you are using limestone, you will want to avoid things that are extravagant. Limestone is often seen with carvings and other details, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want a modern style, utilize the limestone for it’s rough and flat textures to keep its original appearance.

Contrast Colors

If you want to add accents to your home, consider a limestone floor piece to divide rooms. Perhaps your kitchen and living room are close to each other, but there’s a walkway between them. Consider placing a limestone slab there to break up the rooms and add a modern touch to the area. The contrast between the light limestone colors and darker flooring can be a powerful tool. It can also tame bright colors if you have some brightness in the rooms.

Utilize Minimalism

Modern designs are often very minimalistic. That means they are plain, neutral, and functional, overall. Think about simplicity when you are trying to use limestone in the design. You will want to remove things that distract from the limestone design itself in order to promote the natural stone. If there’s anything gaudy around it, it may not fit into the design of the room.

Get Advice From Experts

When you are working with incorporating limestone into your home in any way, it is best to talk to the limestone experts at Impression. We have been working with limestone for decades and we are here to help you relax and rejuvenate your space with just the right limestone piece in the perfect place. For some people, that includes European craftsmanship in a highly carved fireplace. For others, a modern look works better. And the good news is, we have ideas for both! We want you to end up with the home of your dreams and as limestone aficionados, we know limestone can help. Give us a call and let’s talk about where limestone can fit into your modern design.